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12/11/2021 - DarkRP Winter Update


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  • Limited Upgrade - 2021 Holiday Pack:
    • +20 Pocket Space
    • +15 Prop Limit
    • Santa Hat or 500k if you already have one
    • Cost 3,000 Credits
    • May be purchased once
    • May be purchased until the sale ends on January 3rd
  • New achievement - Santa's Helper 2021
    • Find and return 60 presents to Santa to the two Santa NPCs on Danktown
    • This achievement will be disabled after Christmas
    • Rewards the 2021 Holiday pack
    • Leaderboard can be found here
    • How it works:
      • Pocket the presents and when you have 60 return them to Santa for your reward
      • If you haven't read this update and realized the value of a present you may press E and collect $1,000 for one
      • There's over 200 unique spawns
      • There are no more than 25 on the map at a time
      • Presents re-spawn every 3 minutes if at least 10 have been found
      • Every time they re-spawn the least found spawns are used
  • The Usual Holiday Stuff:
    • Added snow (enable/disable in settings)
    • Added snowballs
    • Added map decorations
  • Father George now rambles
  • When you are AFK long enough to be auto demoted the server now asks if you are AFK
  • Fixed stun stick and riot shield launching people into the air
  • Fixed entities that can't be unfrozen being frozen by the server
  • Fixed some perma weapons not being given
  • Winner 9
  • Friendly 1
  • Useful 1
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