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01/12/2022 - CW Update


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Small update. Another to follow in 2 weeks. Any models/class changes/weapon changes will be priorities and added first after I come back from my travels. Happy gaming!

Base sure to put any bugs from the new content into the bug section or the thread in the SUP Discord CWRP Announcements thread.


  • Added daily login rewards
    • Get a reward every 24hours upon character select.
    • Rewards will be extended as time goes on.
    • Pick between 1 of 3 random rewards and also receive a special milestone reward at certain "days logged on" intervals.
  • Added scrapper machine
    • Certain items can be scrapped for one of their base resources
    • Can be found in the Anaxes hangars and Liberator armoury
    • You must stay close to it for it to operate.
    • RC cost to run it may be added in the future
  • Added GM Event Character blacklist
    • Stops blacklisted steamids from spawning in as an event character
    • Managed by SGM+ in the F5 GMS menu
  • Added a new character creation menu
    • Easily recognisable and the "standard" character selection layout is back
  • Updated several UI popup styles
  • Updated text input field styles and made warnings clearer
  • Updated notarget to now use the default no target when nothing was manually set on the player by a gamemaster
  • Updated notarget to no longer untarget players on respawn if set by a gamemaster
  • Updated resetstats to reset notarget on the player to its default settings
  • Updated 104th Dash medic perms
  • Fixed shield damage reduction aura and DU explosive reduction talents
  • Fixed missing ship models (?)
  • Fixed loot pickup notifications hiding when there is still loot being picked up
  • Fixed money change UI showing you the initial money the first time its shown
  • Fixed fireworks always populating in store
  • Fixed (possibly) issues with main talent tree XP showing all hidden XP + new XP you received which was causing confusion to players
  • Fixed any mechanic where random cosmetics are given using premium + expensive items in the reward pool
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with item names, descrptions and menu helpers.
  • Fixed possible issues with arena talent/loadout resets
  • Fixed VIP descriptions
  • Fixed some weapon cosmetic scale issues
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