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4/29/2022 - DarkRP Update


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  • Achievements:
    • Sweat:
      • Made blue name tag a little more blue
      • Improved AFK detection
    • Pacifist:
      • Actively play 12 hours without damaging anyone
      • Rewards light green name tag
    • Landlord:
      • Actively own the same property for 6 hours (Co-owned doors do not count)
      • Rewards light purple name tag
    • Help:
      • Play 10k hours
      • Rewards the ability to make your name tag any color
    • Added the ability to switch between unlocked name tag colors (F4 -> Settings)
  • Item Station -> Store Shelf:
    • 3 Shelves which hold 10 items each
    • Accepts any item you can purchase through F4 and pocket
    • Stock items directly from your pocket via the menu
    • Sells items directly to your pocket via the 3d2d buttons
    • May be priced ($100-$10m)
    • 5% tax on sales
    • May be physgunned, frozen and remover tooled when it is empty
    • If selling an illegal item it is arrestable
    • Not allowed in spawn
    • Max 2
    • Cost $10k
    • Accessible by all merchant classes (including cook)
  • Money Printers:
    • Updated 3d2d UI
    • Refilling and repairing are now 3d2d buttons instead of hotkeys
    • Reduced sound a little
  • Money Printer Racks:
    • Small:
      • 4 slots
      • Cost $2k
    • Large:
      • 8 Slots
      • Cost 4k
    • All new model(s) (thx @Stiffy360)
    • Shared limit of 4 racks of either size
    • Money baskets and safes my no longer be attached
    • Fixed printers not always attaching to the correct place
  • Money Printer Rack Control Module:
    • Attaches to printer racks
    • Allows re-filling of ink on all racked printers
    • Allows repairing of all racked printers
    • Allows easier ejecting of printers
    • Sounds an alarm and flashes a small light when any printer has below 50% health or 0 ink
    • You may attach a safe or money basket which collects money from all racked printers
    • Max 2
    • Cost $2k
  • Lab Metal Capacity Upgrade:
    • Similar to a printer ink upgrade
    • Raises metal capacity by 3
    • Max 2 (Entities, not upgrades)
    • Cost $1k
  • Phone Booths:
    • Accepting or proposing a bribe now takes 10 karma
    • Fixed being unable to use the menu on people with spaces in their names
  • Add CW area trigger tool for SA+ (thx @Scott)
  • Added Jerome and Sasha prices to the HUD for Gun Dealer and Drug Dealer
  • Reduced Father George rant sounds a little
  • Props are no longer ghosted when in adminmode
  • Fixed jail cell doors being lockable/unlockable (Since it has no effect on the button to open them)
  • Fixed permanent weapon selections getting shuffled after server updates (NOTE: This change has reset all previous selections)
  • Fixed some possible performance issues with leaving your game open for long periods of time
  • Winner 18
  • Informative 1
  • Useful 2
  • Dumb 1
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13 minutes ago, bonkars said:


It'll be nice to fill that thing with different types of booze and have a bunch item frames with Budweiser logos and stuff.  I'm imagining some great RP bar and storefronts. 

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Legendary update

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