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5/25/2022 - Update


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  • Re-coded spectate:
    • Now in 3rd person
    • Fixed numerous bugs


  • Event Tools:
    • Area Trigger:
      • Mute/Unmute
      • Set Job
      • Remove trigger
    • Added event jobs
  • Performance improvements:
    • Lowered rate that spray paint networks at
    • Fixed a bug which would network a few hundred times more data than necessary
      • Both of these fix/improve rubber banding issues for those with bad internet/routers
    • A few other minor performance improvements
  • Fixed F4 menu high roll typo
  • Fixed Sasha auto wanting disguised cops
  • Fixed having over 2.4 billion causing money to display as negative
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4 minutes ago, SpaceGandalf said:

is being names thru the staff glass intentional? cause i like it. 

Also any reason why screengrab takes a long ass time now?
Since its gonna be a little harder to catch cheaters

no & it always has

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