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10/27/2022 - CWRP Update


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  • Added GM Event reward system
    • GMs can earn points that unlock rewards much like a battlepass system.
    • Points will be reset at the end of each month. You may repeat the repeatable (none coloured) rewards.
  • Added Cosmetic model adjuster for Jedi
    • srp_adjuster to start editing!
    • You can save your model+cosmetic combo to edit at a later date
    • You can press the code/file icon to save the Lua that you can then suggest. (A discord thread will follow shortly)
    • These are for Jedi only right now.
  • Added tags & tag filtering to containers
  • Added Halloween Firework to the store
  • Added Halloween Battlepass
    • Hold C and click the attlepass button
    • 30 Levels with a mixture of premium and free items
    • Can be purchased during Halloween but may be fully leveled up
    • XP required to gain a level will be adjusted as I gather stats (you will 100% complete this BP)
  • Updated health display to seperate health and armour
  • Updated bAdmin/Dash for big optimisations
  • Updated containers to load from subfolders inside of gmcontainers
  • Updated dc15s to support the colour picker when choosing the colour skin
  • Updated Hyperspace UI
  • Updated store to be way more network efficient
  • Updated webhook system to support embeds + extra info
  • Updated title setting to correctly show owned titles + title icons for each title reward type (GM, Timed, Triumph)
  • Updated bone animations to support per-model offsets
  • Updated group cross chat to show a lighter GROUP tag when from another server
  • Fixed jail location showing the wrong location
  • Fixed bail issues
  • Fixed EC losing weapons on respawn
  • Fixed blacklisting menu
  • Fixed quest hilts not equipping
  • Fixed astromech not interacting with ship modules
  • Fixed more issues with claw weapon
  • Fixed setgamemaster always expecting a time
  • Fixed event reviews only showing to the review creator instead of everyone
  • Fixed issues with the /help command
  • Fixed sitting while carrying crates
  • Fixed titles not showing correctly
  • Lots of optimisations
  • Reverted collision checks on props
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