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11/12/2022 - Update


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  • Added semi-global staff chat
    • Sends to servers of the same gamemodes only
    • Use @@
  • Fixed C menu sit counter


  • Added cash registers:
    • Basically a donation box for vendor classes
    • Max of 1
    • Cost $1.5k
    • Available to all merchant classes
  • Apparel:
    • New Apparel:
      • Space Hamster - $70mil
      • Guano - $70mil
      • Ivan the Inedible - $70mil
      • Quoth - $70mil
      • Balloonicorn - $70mil
      • Bandit de Bonkars - $70mil
      • The Real Penguin - $250mil
    • Added adjustments
    • Added a prompt to download TF2
    • Added a 5th slot for pets
    • Moved pets to their own category
    • Improved visibility of preview
    • Fixed equip/uneqip buttons not always updating
    • Fixed name/org etc being pushed up with some pets
  • Achievements:
    • New Achievements:
      • Solid Gold
        • Produce a golden shit. (1/1000 chance)
      • High Profile
        • Have 100 hits placed on you
      • D.A.R.E. Enforcer
        • Kill 250 meth heads
    • Fixed scoreboard achievements list cutting off if you have a lot of achievements
  • Added Sleight skill:
    • Chance to slip by Metal Detectors (effect lasts on the Metal Detector for 30s)
    • Level 1: 2.5k - 10% Chance
    • Level 2: 7.5k - 20% Chance
    • Level 3: 15k - 30% Chance
  • Police no longer receive basic loadout when freed from zipties
    • Speaking to Martinez will return these items free of charge
  • Disallowed all tools except remover, color and material to be used on Metal Detectors
  • Fixed media players not checking if you own them when you play a song
  • Funny 1
  • Winner 8
  • Friendly 1
  • Optimistic 1
  • Artistic 1
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3 minutes ago, SpaceGandalf said:

Ivan the Inedible. More like Ivan the Invisible.

lawyer up buddy

7 minutes ago, Nick Diamond said:

Imagine someone buying The Real Penguin lol. I wonder what the penguin pet looks like. I really love the sleight skill so that criminals can slip by them with guns/knives once in a while.

the penguin actually pretty cute

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thank you penguin, very cool.

3 minutes ago, Sinfully Sups.gg said:

cool update but was the m4a1 nerfed becuase it seems like its shooting slower


Guns shoot faster when the uptime is higher, server restarted so it goes back to default.

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4 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:
  • Added a 5th slot for pets


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