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07/28/2017 - CWRP Update


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NOTE: Available next server restart.

  • Added two new senator models
  • Added media player
  • Added XO rank to RC
  • Added some weapons, currently only for events until they are added to load outs
  • Updated jump cool down to be lower and is applied for everything. (2 seconds)
  • Fixed health grenade
  • Fixed spaces being allowed at the end of names
  • Fixed SGM not being able to change map
  • Fixed typo in VIP description >_>
  • Fixed laat being damaged by player collisions
  • Fixed aircraft causing various Lua errors
  • Fixed holster not auto-selecting
  • Fixed knives being on the wrong weapon select section and being given in jail.
  • Updated to rp_liberator_sup_b5
    • Thank Dr. Alto (Can't tag him fuck u)
    • Added game master control room
      • Fog Controller
      • Camera Shaking
      • Event room floor kys button ??
    • Added switchable Sky box buttons
    • Added hallway between the two bridges
    • Added Cantina room with a theatre screen area.
    • Added a Jedi Portal
    • Removed the engine sounds (best update imo)
    • Replaced OOC lounge with sim rooms
    • DB room increased
    • Various bug fixes
    • Moved brig to floor 2.5
    • More random map events
    • Citadel Controls
    • Whatever the fuck this means?? https://trello.com/c/cjnWM9wd/1356-gm-props
  • Updated animation base
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