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12/9/2022 - CWRP Winter Pt 2.


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Update pt 3 should be available in a week or so.


  • Added the Liberator Snow map
  • Added Y-Wing skins to cosmetics menu
  • Added IFTX black skin to cosmetics
  • Added pressing E on a player to show player profiles
  • Added an option to disable all player hurt sounds or only your own hurt sounds
  • Added luck passive talent tree
  • Updated Jedi Health - Reduced 15-20% from Knight+
  • Updated custom classes
  • Updated /go to use FindAlongRay
  • Updated map to b8x
    • Optimisation of MHB
    • Optimisation of ERL
    • Updated ceiling materials in bunks
    • Updated timer on ER door to 5mins instead of 5 seconds.
    • Updated some doors on the map to require you to press E
    • Updated DB corridor width
    • Updated the height of the MHB hangars
    • Removed blue material on catwalks
    • Removed third floor rooms
    • Removed left bridge room walls
    • Reduced sounds on some pipes
    • Reduced sound on the engine room destruction sounds
  • Updated Webhook system
    • Now requires you to set certain webhook types you want to subscribe to.
    • Will require you to add new webhooks.
  • Updated any halo references to new outline lib for better performance
  • Updated webhooks to be shared across main and sub battalion
  • Updated group menu to remove all popups and use pages instead
  • Fixed perma ammo description saying it gives you 25 instead of 250 ammo
  • Fixed weapons with unlimited ammo taking reserve ammo when fired
  • Fixed weapon switch showing while in tool switch model
  • Fixed spawnmenu duplication
  • Fixed issues with spawned hangar vehicles having their turrets offset incorrectly
  • Winner 8
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