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3/3/2023 - CWRP Update


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  • Added cosmetic support to shields
    • CG, ORG skin.
    • DU/9th Skin.
  • Added Name change option back to the HR bot
    • Name changes are 5k.
    • Free for people who had their names replaced.
  • Added Biography change option to the HR bot
  • Added gmecrequest
    • Creates a popup on all servers for EC requests. The requester may add 100 characters to the message to give more information.
    • Shows the requesters name, steam, server and custom message.
    • Has a 5 minute global cooldown and 2min chat cooldown
  • Updated ship modules to ignore bunks for oxygen and explosives
  • Updated Radios
    • Increase max channels to 200.
    • Radio channels > 100 can be passworded.
    • Radio channels > 100 will be owned by the oldest member in the channel.
    • Radio owners can rkick people.
    • Radio owners can set color tags on people. (only supports a limited set of colours)
    • /rjoin now has a second optional command that is the password to create or use when joining.
  • Updated icons for the HUD and cleaned up HUD visuals
  • Updated arena queue to remove staff who accept sits
  • Updated effect system to use emotes + web emotes
  • Updated PK slots from 5 to 8
  • Updated UIs
    • Poll Menu UI to use midnight colours
    • Inventory UI to use midnight colour
    • F4 UI to use midnight colours
    • Roulette UI to use CWRP UI system instead of Badmins
    • Updated credit received UI to thank you 🙂
    • Updated Weapon Switch UI to use midnight colours instead of group colours
  • Updated C menu quick buttons to now open the F4 menu tabs instead of having their own containers to create visual consistency
  • Updated Officer chat so linked Masters can see it
  • Updated cross chat GROUP messages to have the correct space padding in names
  • Updated some knife names so they fit into the weapon switch correctly
  • Fixed cost check issues with cosmetics menu
  • Fixed health and armour regen working when in an arena event
  • Fixed ticket and jailed messages only showing to Enrforcers
  • Fixed character web profiles showing outdated weapon stats for PvP
  • Fixed settings having too much margin
  • Optimised media players
  • Winner 13
  • Bad Spelling 1
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