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09/26/2023 - Update


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  • Redesigned Area Trigger tool
    • Action lists are now separate from the tool.
    • In the action list menu you can save, load and activate action lists.
    • On the Area Trigger tool you can assign the action list to use for that Area Trigger.


  • Added Fuse-box ship module to the engine room.
    • Must complete mini-games to fix.
  • Added Jocasta Jedi class.
  • Updated ship module sounds.
  • Updated Area Trigger Tool.
    • Fixed "Velocity - Left" trigger action pushing you to the right.
    • Fixed "Velocity - Local" setting not working.
  • Updated Third person. 
    • Added toggle look.
    • Allow sabers to look around with ALT when saber is not ignited.
    • Fixed third person stuttering.
  • Updated font resources.
  • Updated spawn point request button cooldown.
  • Improved first time connection times.
  • Fixed issues with cosmetics menu when loading models that did not load correctly on the client.
  • Fixed calling cards not displaying under certain death conditions.
  • Fixed older citations having the wrong arrest type.
  • Fixed character presets not being reset on older Jedi order classes that were kicked or left ("Model bug" issue)
  • Removed gender related code.
  • Winner 13
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