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10/6/2023 - DakrRP Update


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  • Improved menu
    • Achievements are now sorted by progress
    • Achievements are now categorized into three categories:
      • Rewards, Unfinished and Achieved
  • New Achievements:
    • Open Carry - Equip 100 gun licenses
    • Got Milk? -  Consume 2,000 gallons of milk
    • Going In Hot - Use 1,000 armor
    • Treasury Department - Arrest 100 Money Printers


  • Meth heads can no longer be pick pocketed
  • Eventvotes can now split people across two jobs
  • Fixed an issue that could cause C4 to not explode (hotfixed a few days ago)


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catch me if you can (achievements)

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if this is a plea to get me back, then u'll have to wait until I can afford a god PC so I'm prepared for source 2 danktown

Edited by Kredorish
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