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10/27/2023 - DarkRP Update


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Shadow Remover Tool:

  • Toggles shadows for props
  • Tip: Use shades of gray in the color tool to darken or lighten the prop when shadows are disabled



Weapon Switcher:

  • Added support for command aliases
    • Tip: Don't use these if you don't understand them, you can temporarily break your game
  • Made last weapon used bind automatically switch to the last used weapon instead of just selecting it
  • Fixed menu not showing when using the camera swep
  • Fixed weapons sometimes firing when switching to a weapon or closing the menu
  • Fixed lua errors with pickpocket swep



  • Added apparel adjustments
  • Players are now unfrozen when sent to admin jail
  • Fixed destructible entities spamming the owner with notifications in some cases when destroyed
  • Fixed event vote command not working if two jobs aren't supplied
  • Fixed golden poop always awarding 1k karma instead of 1k-5k randomly
  • Fixed being unable to detect for fake gun licensees
  • Fixed moving mouth animation when talking over voice chat
  • Fixed scopes being flipped when "viewmodel_flip" is enabled
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1 hour ago, Insert Name said:

what use cases does this actually have? What is it used for?

more useful for those building cosmetic/RP bases as gmod lighting and shadows can really screw how textures/materials appear 

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