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12/22/2023 - CWRP Update


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Part 2 of the winter update. New years update will follow with a new smoke grenade, heal effects and other goodies.

Play in events or collect server items to receive Xmas Tokens. Xmas Tokens can be used to redeem the infusers and hats at the token santa NPC. You can also send bundled gifts for credits (some for RC) at this store too. Sending 2 gifts of the same bundle will also get you that bundle for free.

  • Added Xmas Tokens
    • Gain them by being in events, doing events and collecting stuff.
  • Added Gifting system.
    • You can gift bundles to your friends using store credits (and a couple of RC ones too).
    • Gifting 2 of the same bundle will give you the bundle too!
  • Added Christmas cosmetics.
    • TF2 Pet Bears
    • TF2  Sunset Effect
    • TF2  Sunrise Effect
    • TF2  Blue, Purple and Red Northstar effect.
    • TF2  Blue, Red, Purple frost arrow effect.
    • TF2 Nightcap hat
    • TF2 beanie & alternative beanie.
    • Ported by @Tobester
    • Ice Blue Infuser
    • Ice Blast infuser
    • Christmas Infuser
    • Several titles in the bundles.
  • Added a setting to disable weapon effects.
  • Added a setting to disable player effects.
  • Updated fireworks to be available over new years.
  • Updated 2022 New Years store bundle to be available again.
    • Lets you claim some goodies
    • Lets you claim the present every 12 hours instead of 24.
  • Fixed unlocking random cosmetics giving you cosmetics you cannot equip (like custom class models).
  • Friendly 2
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