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02/09/2024 - CWRP Update


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  • Enable Valentines content.
  • Added achievement completion chat notification.
  • Added two extra scrap machines to the Liberator Armoury.
  • Added "Brig Bunks" designation and disabled oxygen depletion in this area.
  • Added "Patrol Cooldown" Group upgrade.
    • Decreases time to start another patrol by 30 seconds.
  • Updated "Group Storage" group upgrade max tiers from 5 -> 10.
  • Updated salary imprint tier % scaling. Now goes to a max of 75%.
  • Updated group menu to show all setting buttons in sub-battalions again.
    • These will load the parent group's info instead of available.
  • Updated certain sabers to ignore custom hilts.
  • Updated some custom classes.
  • Updated map changing to check if the map is currently up to date before changing.
  • Fixed Brig receiving explosion damage when Shield Gen is down.
  • Fixed friendly NPCs spawning as errors.
  • Fixed weapon switcher not respecting weapon ordering.
  • Fixed collectable imprint not working.
  • Fixed collectable visibility when on cool down.
  • Fixed missing pickup sounds and console warnings on collectibles.
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So does this mean that the scraps we pickup will start disappearing again?

4 hours ago, Scott said:

Fixed collectable visibility when on cool down.

Also a big old W Update nonetheless

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