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02/14/2024 - CWRP Update


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  • Added a Warfund system.
    • 1.5% tax on gamble winnings over 5,000 RC.
    • 10% tax on Bail payments.
    • War Funds will be used to unlock certain rewards, gamemaster events and ship wide events.
    • You can see the current fund in the ERL.
    • You can see this months fund contributors at https://superiorservers.co/ssrp/cwrp/warfund
    • In the future tax % will change as needed or disabled when the fund goals are met.
  • Added Valentines Bundle 2
    • Can create a friendship bond with another person by talking to the Valentines NPC. (Only one person needs the bundle.)
    • 50k RC
    • 50k XP
    • 2x 5% Boosters
    • 5x Store Tickets
    • 5x Arena Tickets
    • (Death/kill cards will be added at a later date).
  • Added Friendship bond system.
    • Allows you to get XP and RC bonuses when your friend is online with you.
    • You can remove the status or change to someone else after 7 days.
    • This will be a permanent feature and will be moved to the HR droid after valentines day.
  • Added Medbay module.
    • Disables revives.
    • Increases re-spawn timer by 10-15 seconds.
    • Inside of the medical bay front desk room.
  • Added Hacking mini-game injectors.
    • Press E on bombs to inject them with mini-game modifiers.
    • Injectors can be crafted in the crafting menu.
  • Added RC CDR.
  • Added 187th Ponds CDR.
  • Added Galactic Marines.
    • Replaces DU.
  • Increased the amount of artifacts you can consume from 20 to 50.
  • Updated some gambling machine price variation to have lower and higher bet systems spawned.
  • Updated CG bail deny/accept to be for NCO+.
  • Updated Poll UI to be a little clearer.
  • Updated F4 menu battalion list.
  • Updated inventory select UI to be more readable.
  • Updated item bubbles to show when you "lose" an item from your inventory.
  • Fixed tooltips on barter item trading showing an extra "s".
  • Removed /setprice command.
  • Removed explosion damage from fireworks.
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