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2/17/2024 - DarkRP Update


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New Guns:

  • Extremely Sawed Off
    • Sawed off double barrel shotgun with extremely high damage and spread
    • 2 rounds, can be fired in burst
    • Cost $12,500 per shipment
  • VSS
    • Suppressed high rate of fire SMG
    • 30 rounds, full auto or semi auto
    • Cost $14,800 per shipment
  • KSG 12
    • Higher damage/capacity shotgun
    • 14 rounds, pump action
    • Cost $9,040 per shipment
  • HTI .50 BMG
    • Extremely high damage/recoil sniper rifle
    • 5 rounds, bolt action
    • Cost $3,572 per shipment

2024-02-14_DistortedXenops.png 2024-02-14_RundownSchapendoes.png 2024-02-14_GiganticCicada.png 2024-02-14_BlackDogwoodclubgall.png2024-02-14_BreakableVixen.png 2024-02-14_NovelElephantseal.png 2024-02-14_TiredOctopus.png 2024-02-14_RuralCardinal.jpg



Updated Guns:

  • M3 Super 90
    • Increased damage from 10 to 13 per pellet
    • Cost $5,978 per shipment
  • Changes for all guns:
    • Shotguns no longer stop you from switching weapons if you're reloading
    • Fixed some guns view models looking shiny
    • Fixed missing muzzle flash effect textures
      • This fixes the missing textures for the TMP and Suppressed M4
      • Though they didn't display as missing textures this also fixes other guns not having muzzle flashes




Pepper Spray:

  • This is an alternative to tasers
  • Reduces walk/run speed by 50%
  • Impairs vision
  • Lasts for 6 seconds
  • Half the range as taser
  • You may spray multiple people at once
  • Same re-charge rate as taser
  • Sold by
    • Black Market Dealer for $8,500 per shipment
    • Cop shop for $1,150 each
    • Credit shop for 1,500 credits




Fading Doors


  • You may now left click an existing bio scanner/button/tool to quickly copy it's linked props



Door Updates:

  • Button controlled garage doors are no longer purchased when you buy a base
    • This means these doors cannot be C4'd or lockpicked
    • This excludes Veikko International as the doors are the only way in or out of the garage area.. for now.
    • Bases Affected:
      • Casali Shafting Co.
      • Redstone Cargo
      • Eastern Water Works




  • Crowdfunder updates now go in chat instead of doing tellalls
    • It will still do a tellall when the goal has been reached
  • Raised taser price to $9,500 per shipment
  • Fixed taser being categorized under BMI
  • Fixed camera world model
  • Fixed achievement achievement not progressing
  • Fixed some non existent sound files attempting to download every time you connect
  • Winner 15
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1 minute ago, ketamine said:

gonna go pepper spray zad

try me bitch

ill headshot you with the new extremely sawed off shotgun

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3 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:

Fixed taser being categorized under BMI

lies, might have something to do with perma-taser, changes when you first equip it

Edited by Reinhardt Wilhelm
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Can you make it so cops can arrest the pepper spray singles and shipments because they are bmi?  Also, i can't delete singles of pepper spray with admin remover tool. 

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6 hours ago, Got-Knifed! said:

Good shit but that sawed off shotgun looks ugly AF. Change that shit dawg 

BIG W UPDATE, but the sawed off due look like the banana gun from rust low-key 👀

6 hours ago, Coi said:

Just wanting confirmation that Pepper Spray is BMI ❤️ 

  • Sold by
    • Black Market Dealer for $8,500 per shipment


Yes, if it is sold by a BMD it is BMI, remember how Taser is now sold by Gun Dealer and no longer BMI?

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