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4/26/2024 - DarkRP Update

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  • Dank Web:
    • Fixed transaction log displaying the incorrect date
    • Fixed HUD disappearing when you're updating a listing and it sells
    • Fixed transaction log erroring when you make a sale while the menu is open
  • Added apparel adjustments
  • Added text screen logs
  • Changed Scrap Dealer model to old hotel owner model
  • Made want reasons for money printing devices more specific
  • Fixed money printer shipments not being arrestable
    • Just like printer racks you need to empty it before you can arrest it
  • Fixed being able to drop a hostage while strangled
  • Fixed org menu members duplicating entries in some cases
  • Fixed lootbox failing to claim when you get to far away from it
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6 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:
  • Added text screen logs

@Dawave yooooo it's here!!!

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