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09/17/2017 - Update


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  • Chatbox:
    • Added chat emote loading from SUP's website as well as Twitch
    • Scrollbar now shows
    • Optimized it a little
    • Now resizable from the top-right corner
    • Fixed emotes not showing up properly at some resolutions
  • Updated database to support unicode properly:
    • Names won't show up weird in chat when you connect
    • Names on the website won't show up weird
  • Added new icons to notifications
  • Avatar buttons will no longer ask you to confirm opening the persons profile unless they're offline
  • Fixed (Console) displaying as "Unknown Entity" in chat notifications


  • Updated media player UI:
    • Added images
    • Added video length
    • Added ability to rename videos
    • Added copy url button
    • Added a pause button
  • Improved STDs:
    • Added a screen overlay when you have an STD
    • Lowered kill rate
    • Made meds doctor only
  • Cook:
    • Added canned beans
    • Added donuts
    • Added fish
    • Added fast food
    • Removed out of place "bottle" food items
  • Bartender
    • Added soda (10% speed boost)
    • Added coffee (20% speed boost, removes all highs like water)
    • Added 40oz beer (30 armor, -3 hp)
    • Added wine (40 armor, -5 hp)
    • Added vodka (50 armor, -8 hp)
    • Added moonshine (100 armor, -25 hp)
    • Made beer less intense visually (20 armor, -2 hp)
  • Updated database to support unicode properly:
    • Names won't show up weird in chat
    • Names/Orgs on the website won't show up weird
    • Org flags will load properly
  • Added sounds for when you take some drugs and OD
  • /go no longer shows what team you are if you're not staff
  • SOD and Meth Head are no longer restricted from switching jobs after taking damage
  • Government classes can now see when fellow government classes are disguised now
  • Fixed TS rank sync not working
  • Fixed pocket flickering when you close it
  • Fixed pocket cross hair staying active when you open it
  • Fixed adding co-owners to doors showing every co-owner (it should have always cut off at 4)
  • Fixed some classes not having an error message and causing the command to broadcast globally in chat


  • Hit list is color coded to target teams now
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