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04/15/2017 - CWRP Update


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Next restart

  • Updated Animation Extension addon on the server
  • Updated baton to allow anyone but CG officers to be arrested
  • Added Offensive Tree (You can buy them but they wont be active until later today)
  • Added Skill Reset button.
    • This will not reset your level. It is for skill point reset and skill clearing only.
  • Added /togglevoicerange global for DA+ and Head GMs
    • Report anyone misusing it. I will remove them from it forever
  • Added /setgamemaster head - Adds head gamemaster role. DA+ already have this role.
  • Added Stimkit 100% heal bonus for Medics
  • Added Stimkit self heal
  • Added Stimkit overheal for medics
  • Added checks to all naval buttons to officers only
  • Added Jedi Sparring /spar
    • Requires the initiator to have a lightsaber
    • 5 minutes timeout
    • "Killing blow" instead stops the sparring and gives a win/lose message
    • You can see the jedis health if they're in spar mode.
    • Blocks the use of force powers
    • There might be a bug or two since its something that probably needs more than two (thx jeffchase) people testing
  • Fixed loadout rank and SteamID specific white lists not working
  • Fixed stats being cached for too long.
  • Fixed stats sometimes not applying on unlock.
  • Fixed cool down exploit on stimkits
  • Fixed Grand Master not selecting the correct bodygroups
  • Increase HP Tier 1 skill from 20 -> 50
  • Increased HP Tier 2 skill from 30 to 100
  • Increased Armour skills by 5
  • Decreased spawn timer to 5 seconds and 15 seconds
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With the addition of global voice ranges can you please define times where this would and wouldn't be appropriate to use so that we don't fuck up immediately.

Anything that is pretty important for people to know that might be hard to see in chat. This isn't really meant for RP as fast as I'm aware, unless it's something really specific needed in an event and such. Council will have to tell you more since they are the ones who wanted it. For now just ask before you use it to. I guess maybe it could be used as global ship comms or something for some navy shit? IDK. When radios are added this will probably be removed.

I was more so talking about making retarded sounds and dumb memes with it.

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With the addition of global voice ranges can you please define times where this would and wouldn't be appropriate to use so that we don't fuck up immediately.

The use as I was hoping to have it intended for: Naval broadcasting over the ship orders and defcons like "We are under attack, all clones to battlestations!" Over like a PA system.


When event chars that are important to the plot are talking, it can be broadcasted to the whole server so EVERYONE stays in the loop. (it's more for keeping everyone involved with the story more than anything).

However with us not being able to set who uses it or who it's toggled for, and it being DA+ it may be slightly difficult to do that :/

Edit: @Scott Radios?

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Yeah I understand that, it would be restricted as to why it could be used such as: HGM+ approval for the event, in the end several staff could mute him, then we deal with him as needed.

Edit: @Scott Suggestion for the Radios, allow EN+ Naval to broadcast to all frequencies regardless of subscription?

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Okay so I had just about the same idea as vp on it. I'm excited to see where it goes. Just imagine the dramatic effect we could create into events, an important battle going on so the sounds of combat and the final speech of the Fallen is spoken to in global.

Mmm can't wait for some good shit with this. I can see it already helping clones when they possibly don't have a naval around and one may be stuck giving orders or something. Overall the idea is amazing and the limitations given I believe are fair. If there was more to be added to it, allow us to be able to execute global voice on and specific user so if they have an important role to play that needs it, it can be done just by temporarily giving that person global voice then removing it after the speech.

EDIT: With that vp possibly let higher up officers broadcast to all radio channels too? Nothing too much like col/xo+ but it could allow us to relay information from our Batts to others that may be very important, say you're getting fucking laid out by a giant wave of Droid and you're down to 3 people. You're crawling in the corder, crying over your radio for help to all channels, blaster fire in the background as you think you're breathing your last breath, then suddenly transmissions silent mid sentence. No more transmission from the clone itself, EPIC.

Also if we get radio, emergency channel a possibility? Gives the ability to quickly call reinforcements from base (naval), quickly for any help and only usable by like officers?

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question is: do we really need it compared to clones? xD

Oh that is true! It just feels a bit sad that we have to spec into ammo, and it could be like more force, or perhaps more effective force, i.e your force absorb now absorbs 7 points of damage per % rather than 5, and such changes (this fits more into defensive I realize while typing it), or your force repulse is now 25% more effective per % used, such things.
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Offensive tree is still likely to change a lot and when the battalion specific trees are added (the third tree) ammo will be moved off and other things will be added. The final "double damage" skill is marked wrong.

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