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02/12/2018 - CWRP Update


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Yes I know it isn't out yet but you know what, fuck you. It will be out pretty much when I wake up.

There have been a lot of module re-codes this update. This mean that there may be some bugs that have reintroduced themselves. Please report them and I'll try and fix them today/tomorrow. So while it may look like there has been a lot of stuff added, its really just a lot of core improvements.

  • Included new content in the dat files.
  • Added Jetpacks to 212th AB.
  • Added two new NPCs.
  • Added 150k RC store package.
  • Added barnacle and testnpc to the npc blacklist.
  • Added CG arrest/citation history menu.
  • Added several props to the Q menu under Server Props. Thanks @JeffChase
  • Added Younglings store package.
  • Added Bipedal droid store package.
  • Added kick to the Ensign Rank.
  • Added defensive emplacements.
  • Added name claiming if the name is older than 6 months (I thought I already coded it but I guess not!)
  • Updated TFA to enable crosshairs in first person once more.
  • Updated new user's (not alts fuck off) load out to include a 1k RC cash injection.
  • Updated fuel to give 20 units from 10.
  • Updated /changemap to allow Gamemasters to create a vote.
    • The vote requires that 30% of the gamemasters vote yes to start the countdown.
    • SGM+ can start a map as normal. If they vote yes it will skip voting and start the countdown.
    • An SGM+ or the initiator can cancel the map change.
  • Updated revive timers to help with traveling to a downed user.
  • Updated force cloak to no-target the player.
  • Updated various UI elements.
    • HUD
    • Defcon UI
    • Inventory Menu
    • Store Menu
    • Dialogues
    • Crafting
    • Map Change
  • Updated Inventory system.
  • Updated Crafting system.
  • Updated Store system.
  • Updated ammo price from 25 -> 100.
  • Updated Saber Cloak to last for 10 seconds instead of 5. NPCs will also ignore you.
  • Updated Force Pull targetting range, decreased cooldowns by 5 seconds and reduced the power on pull (so the target comes to your front instead of behind)
  • Updated Weapons
    • Buffed Z6 accuracy
    • Buffed republic sniper damage and made the scope more accurate
    • Updated the Westar scope to be more accurate
    • Fixed FOV for several weapons and improved npc accuracy on some of them
  • Fixed Saber block/reflect and absorb. Also buffed them both.
    • Removed pool drain from holding block.
    • Block force changed from 5 -> 3
    • Absorb force changed to 20% of damage instead of some weird expensive shit that it was doing before.
    • Throwing Saber will now use the base damage * 2 or 1000 damage, depending which one is lower. Added a 10 second cooldown from throwing.
  • Fixed several Cloaking bugs and overall more reliable/less exploitable.Removed Advanced Cloak.
  • Fixed heavy attacks sometimes disabling all attacks.
  • Fixed Force Pull distance indicators and improved the landing position (so its nearly always right in front of you now)
  • Fixed load out system not correctly checking use permissions for Jedi. Fixes baton checks..
  • Fixed Jetpack pitch out of range warning.
  • Fixed notes titles being cut off.
  • Fixed Apprentice and Initiate Sabers being set to random colours (I hope)
  • Fixed NPCs targetting Armourer and Pilot NPC.
  • Fixed some NPCs not being damageable.
  • Fixed the chances of tracer effects going through walls and out of the wrong weapon. Also changed the effects a little.
  • Fixed compass not working correctly with vehicles.


Crafting is now done inside the armoury only with an overhauled crafting menu. You can interact with the crafting bench and then add an item to the queue for that specific crafting bench. The item will be physically crafted by the bench instead of magically appearing in your inventory. Other users can take the items once they have been made. Make sure large crafts are monitored by CG or something. This is the first step to making the armoury useful. I will be moving the load outs to here in the future using a different selection system instead of having a UI (yawn).

Foods, Water, Oxygen and other building items will be added over time and will turn into the basics of a progression system later on.


Nearly function the same as normal except there is a 2048 stack limit, there is a 12 slot limit for each type of item and the same items take up 1 slot only. Menu syncing and store menu syncing has been improved to make it easier to tell when you have purchased everything to offer. You can hold shift while clicking the "Drop" or "Purchase" buttons to show a number input where you can specific the amount of items to drop/purchase.


This will allow 327th, 41st & 9th battalion to build defensive emplacements on the map. Each user can place 4 emplacements at a time and cost resources that must be crafted. They must buy the spade (no model yet) and select it. The controls should be obvious from there. The types of emplacements will be improved on over time.

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