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02/25/18 - CWRP Update


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Available next restart. Today is also the Garry's Mod update. So if you are on the server when it restarts next then remember to also restart Garry's Mod or you will not be able to join.

  • Updated to latest dash (radio fix)
  • Updated limits to be disabled on CWRP2.
    • If I see constant outright ridiculous shit on CWRP2 I will put it back.
  • Updated cosmetics to remove cosmetics when you change model.
  • Updated /jail to be used by DA. This must only be used as a last resort, let CG deal with it.
  • Fixed several issues with cosmetic caching and "floating" items.
  • Fixed a possible bug where you can purchase cosmetics twice if the MySQL connection is poor.
  • Fixed cosmetics not hiding when you are in first person.
  • Fixed several battalions WO rank having access to officer chat.
  • Fixed ARF Cols missing promote permissions.
  • Fixed caching issues with /citations and /arrests.
  • Fixed possible crash with ship modules.
  • Fixed errors happening with /ginvite
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