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2/26/2018 - Update


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  • Command logs now show arguments
  • /viewstaff shows rank for everybody now
  • Fixed logs showing "player has taken player's staff request" when they really closed it


  • Mayor no longer needs to confirm warrants
  • Removed weapons, entities and vehicles from spawnmenu for people who cant spawn them
  • Metal detectors no longer auto want on Zombies
  • Fixed being able to double create an org and get charged twice
  • Fixed being able to change teams after someone tries to hire you
  • Fixed being able to make job name invisible
  • Fixed being able to bypass name character limit
  • Fixed /denyvote
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What the fuck are argument logs?

If you did /goto xyrogod before the update, logs would show something like hashslingingslasher(STEAM_0:1:) ran goto" Now it shows hashslingingslasher(STEAM_0:1:) ran goto xyrogod"
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