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04/29/17 - CWRP Update


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CWRP has been updated. Double and Head Masters can now change the maps on there. If any of the spawn points on them are broken then please message me with the map name. Thank you.

  • Removed the ability to gain XP in sims
  • Removed event characters being able to /give to others
  • Updated first time loading to be more seamless.
  • Updated group ui
  • Buffed sidearms
  • Reduced Z6 RPM and accuracy. Reduced bullets per shot to 1 and increased damage per shot from 10 to 20.
  • Fixed CT not "getting their helmets"
  • Fixed name change confirmation text
  • Fixed /setname ignoring limits
  • Fixed 104th commander not seeing officer chat
  • Fixed group promote commands sometimes breaking
  • Fixed base Armour not working on skill reset
  • Fixed VIP characters not being set as trained correctly.
  • Fixed wanted logging showing incorrect users and merged Wanted and Jail logs under 'CG'
  • Fixed last offline field missing from group menu
  • Fixed last online and first seen times being very very wrong
  • Fixed some cases where sparring ends in death
  • Fixed detonator not working correctly
  • Fixed Stim Kit not healing CT and CRs
  • Fixed Hangars, Hyperspace, moonpool, nosegate and roof not being blocked correctly.
  • Added a warning confirmation to event characters being selected
  • Added Game Master Tools
    • Improved Weight, Improved Stacker, Ladder & Particle Emitter.
  • Added DC17M Shotgun to RC load outs
  • Added a restricted /setname for Game Masters
  • Added blacklisted RP character names
    • Buzz, Draa, Cooker, Pipeline
  • Added extra pilot and armory npcs around the map
    • Including CR spawn
  • Added logs to H Y P E R S P A C E
  • Added /changemap to Head GM
  • Added grenade ammo to armourer
  • Added double-click to do first action on inventory item (within .8 seconds of last click git gud)
  • Added rules to F1 bind when not in pilot seat.
  • Added togglevoicerange to Game Masters and event characters.
  • Added cheer emote
  • Added /togglecomms and /togglebroadcast (disables them) for GM+ while in an event
  • Maps
    • c17_outside
    • airena_world_v1
    • d4_streetwar_01
    • dm_hydro
    • event_christophsis_tgc
    • gm_blackbrook_asylum
    • gm_blockaderunner_v2
    • gm_desert_carcass
    • gm_diprip_dam
    • gm_emp_coast
    • gm_emp_glycencity
    • gm_lunarbase
    • gm_mournhold
    • gm_mournhold_temple
    • gm_range_e8
    • gm_range_f4 + night
    • gm_sandstorm
    • gm_uldum2
    • gm_wastes
    • hex_ziggurat
    • rp_gozanti_freighter
    • rp_kashyyyk_jungle_b2
    • rp_mos_mesric_v2
    • rp_nar_shaddaa_v3
    • rp_rishimoon_crimson
    • rp_vanqor_v1
    • rp_yuka_kr
    • zs_checkpoint_v6
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