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04/03/18 - CWRP Update


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  • Removed ships being able to heal over time
  • Removed skills (replaced by talents!)
  • Updated UI for F4 menu.
  • Updated 9th XO and CDR models.
  • Updated communication disabling to include communications, broadcast, officers and group chats.
  • Updated stim kits to show cool-downs.
  • Updated health bars to display in blue when they are over-stimmed.
  • Updated Stimkit to ignore healing robots. Must now be repaired.
  • Updated /comms and broadcast disabling to remove the notification from players
  • Updated /togglecomms to disable more communication commands (group and jedi chat)
  • Updated nameplate to display group colour and support special icons for certain weapons.
  • Updated /setvoicerange to event characters as well
  • Updated Radio permissions to GM+
  • Updated deconstruction - now you press E twice to destroy.
  • Updated /citations history to SGT+
  • Updated confirmation UIs
  • Updated metal costs
    • Barrier costs changes from 40 to 25.
    • Refined Metal recipe cost change from 5 down to 3.
    • Ship modules repair percent changed from 10% to 20%.
    • Refined Metal drop chance increased from 10% to 15%.
  • Fixed Pilots being able to access Officer chat.
  • Fixed RADM model showing as an error for most people.
  • Fixed Twitch Emotes. (DarkRP needs to update badmin don't ask).
  • Fixed hangar spawned ships not being removed correctly when the owner disconnects.
  • Added Talents
  • Added various models ported by @JeffChase
  • Added Cosmetics. @JeffChase
    • Bling Bling
    • Belt Items
    • Chest Combination
    • Chest Guard
    • 3 backpacks
    • Alternative gun holsters for left and right leg
    • Knife holster for chest area.
    • Engineer backpack
    • Engineer misc canister for waist Left & Right
    • Engineer belt and belt pouch.
    • Bicep attachments
    • Stuff that will be added in the next 2 weeks.
  • Added Traumas Unit
  • Added K Company
  • Added] session over time XP/RC boost ([see here(https://trello.com/c/cnPNm9eK/1638-added-session-over-time-xp-rc-boost))
  • Added repair tool.
  • Added different smoke grenades
  • Added ranging to primary weapon scopes
  • Added more aggressive fall damage
  • Added /togglejetpack
  • Added confirmation button to buying cosmetics
  • Removed Walker


  • XP and Levels UI will desync when you change character.
  • The last item slot in the inventory is being cut off by an inch.
  • Seemingly random items floating around.
  • Cosmetics sometimes being equipped to you when you join the server.



There is no a base XP and RC boost that gets higher the longer you stay in the game session for. The maximum of 100% boost is gained over a period of 12 hours. This means at 6 hours you will have a free 50% boost and at 12 hours a 100% boost. It will end when you leave the server and come back. In the future it may keep track if you connect between the servers.



The UI was changed this update to help cater to the people who play at a smaller resolution. However, it may now be too small for people who play at 2k+ resolution. The benefits of supporting smaller resolutions instead of the higher resolutions is a bigger benefit to the wider audience. It works well and is readable for 2k from my tests.

The loadouts menu now has basic statistics for each weapon. Please bare in mind these are raw values and will never be 100% accurate to actual use cases as the weapons are not deterministic. Maybe a manual grading for each weapon can be added in the future to help the new users. Currently there is no way to inspect statistics unless you have the item equipped. When the armoury is fully functional you will be able to inspect each unowned item there.

Talents menu has been added that now includes the XP and current level along with any XP you gain by doing certain actions. The XP bar will also show at the top of your screen when your XP changes. Please read the Talents section below to see how this works.

The groups menu is currently still the legacy menu. Hopefully a new and better menu will be included in the next large update. This aims to remove the initial lag and various nasty bugs that have been in the groups menu for a while. You will also be able to preview each other battalion but that will not automatically sync (to save bandwidth). You can however manually refresh those battalions every 3 minutes.

Cosmetics menu was moved into the F4 menu and the UI was updated to be a little more informative. It will now highlight what you have selected and item previews have been improved.



Firstly, health values and damages have been nerfed because of this change. This means Game Masters should be mindful of new health and damage values for their event characters and NPCs. However, this should mean that there will be more variety of talents and a more simplified system. There is now a single xp pool that all actions that give XP will contribute towards. Every 5 levels you are given an new row of talents to choose from. This works very much like Vermintide 2's and WoW's Honor Talents systems. Anyone in the server can now make use of these. Levels are still per-character and will still take a while to level up. When you reach max level you will be given the option to select a talent that is specific to your battalion. For instance, 187th can increase the amount of fuel given from a canister or they can reduce the changes of the jetpack exploding on them after over-use. Defence battalions can decrease the time it takes to build defences or increase their health values. I think you get the idea. The old system required way too many unique and fun skills that are just not possible in this setting without changing the core gamemode. Hopefully people will like these more.

Currently you can gain XP by doing one of the following:

  • Taking Damage
  • Killing enemies
  • Reviving and Healing
  • Repairing
  • Crafting
  • Over time
  • Playing on the server for more than 12 hours.

XP is disabled when the server has less than 20 people online.



The repair tool is now the only way to repair equipment. It can be used to repair aircraft and ship modules. If you're feeling nice you can also repair the various player controlled droids on the ship, which means the Stim no longer heals droids. ¯\(ツ)

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