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05/14/18 - CWRP Update


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  • Added AT weapon(s)
  • Added support for battalion specific hard-caps
    • Navy & Jedi are no longer capped but please keep kicking inactive players.
  • Added repair tool to RC
  • Added wanted icon to scoreboard for wanted players
  • Added repair tool for droids
    • This cost 3 times as much to repair something
  • Added a stun gun to CG
    • Has no ammo
    • 40% change to stun for 30 seconds
    • Can hit with baton while stunned to arrest
  • Added more logs
    • /fog
    • /citations
    • /arrests
    • /unjail & /jail
    • /disablejetpack
    • /disablecomms
    • /radio
  • Fixed some models being marked as invalid
  • Fixed known XP errors (giving XP to weapons without an owner, trying to give NPCs XP etc)
  • Fixed XP for sources that have implicit cool downs
  • Fixed Ammo on Kill talent never working
  • Fixed possible sync issues with rp time
  • Fixed Jedi and Civil characters being able to /leave their groups
  • Fixed loadout item UI when the item has a whitelist
  • Fixed loadouts not hiding restricted weaponry from a user who does not have access
  • Fixed loadouts not being cleared on group leave or change
  • Fixed errors within the group networking
  • Fixed errors created by pressing the "event character" warning dialogue too fast
  • Fixed several errors within the character creation menu.
  • Fixed hangar spawned ships not clearing on player disconnect
  • Fixed several errors with Jetpack CalcMainActivity and fuel checks
  • Fixed being able to change talents while in PvP combat
  • Updated Absorb
  • Updated the "Confirm Creation" for new characters/players to show in a different area if the player has ridiculous res (why y'all playing with <720p monitors????)
  • Updated permissions to XO & Naval for all buttons that operate the ship.
  • Updated Jedi Council rank to have authority over lower Jedi.
  • Updated NPC limit from 70 to 120 on S1
  • Updated cloak to de-cloak and set a global cool-down when hit
  • Updated Revive symbols to only show for medics
  • Updated flash bang's view cone trigger and distance
  • Updated notes to allow copying
  • Updated health and damages to the ships
  • Updated button restrictions for jails
  • Updated train XP 400 -> 500 base
  • Updated the chance for damages doors and pipes around the ships (more lamb sauce)
  • Updated all interactive droids to a new droid Jeff ported.
  • Updated Talent Perks
    • Health changed to percent based. Reduction for Jedi, increase for Naval
    • Damage changed to percentage
    • Update HP on kill to allow overheal of 150HP
    • Update ability heals to give XP on successful heals
  • Updated Initiate and Apprentice damages
  • Update Jet pack UI
  • Updated lore Jedi to allow kicking players from group.
  • Updated death screen to show who is reviving you
  • Updated event characters to save any weapons that are given to them across spawns
  • Updated setgamemaster and removegamemaster to SGM+
  • Updated all gamemaster commands to no longer require EVENT mode to be enabled.
  • Updated all gamemaster commands to require a password to use now. Just like staff commands.
  • Removed the special weapon icons feature
  • Removed gamemaster hp cap of 200 (back to 15k)
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I cant finally kick people from 41st myself and not wait for another officer to get on. Thank you, scott! You're a lifesaver!

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XP glitch is still a thing but other than that it's a great update

Has the server even restarted?

Update will be out in a little bit. Just testing a few things.

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