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05/17/18 - CWRP Update


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  • Added communications satellite on the outside of the ship.
  • Added life support ship module.
    • Takes 5% of your oxygen every 10 seconds.
    • Does damage equal to 10% of your max HP every 10 seconds if you do not have oxygen.
    • Does not give damage as soon as you hit 0 oxygen (so you have 10 seconds from 0 oxygen).
  • Added oxygen tanks.
    • Give 50% oxygen. Give GM 100% oxygen
    • Costs 500 each
  • Updated repair tool range from 1m to 5m
  • Fixed repairing speeders and aircraft.
  • Fixed baton errors.
  • Fixed Jedi sparring errors.
  • Fixed several errors created by NPCs when using TFA weapons.
  • Fixed aircraft bullets causing errors when attacking certain aircraft.
  • Fixed error with weapon switcher when using invalid slot ids.
  • Fixed /disablecomms not disabling Group and Jedi chat.
  • Fixed possible crashes with ligh tsabers and invalid attachment names.
  • Fixed CG shields not taking damage.
  • Fixed emitter errors with the new missile entity
  • Fixed errors with rp_note
  • Removed force lightning from forces.
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With oxygen implemented, does this mean that the outside of the ship requires these new oxygen tanks? Or is it simply for when life Support is down?

Not expecting the world, just curious.

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