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8/21/2018 - DarkRP Update


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  • Weapons overhaul:
    • Added 3d2d scopes
    • Added a zoom indicator to the new scopes (yes, you could always zoom)
    • Removed random spread (bullets will spread based on how fast your moving and how recent your last shot was in a more predictable pattern)
    • Fixed prediction (hit registration)
    • Fixed weapon switcher switching when you zoom
    • Fixed 357 starting unloaded
    • Fixed TMP using CSS fire sounds
    • Fixed famas, m4, mac10, tmp and usp showing the crosshair when you zoom
  • Arrestable Entities:
    • Arrestable entities no longer have an arbitrary price set by @KingofBeast or I, price is 25% of the items value
    • Shipments with illegal enties are arrestable
    • Item labs with illegal enties are arrestable
  • Entity menus:
    • Added a price set menu to armor labs
    • Added a price set menu to med labs
    • Added a price set menu to ammo labs
    • Updated the price set menu for microwaves
    • Updated the price set menu for item labs
    • Fixed disguise menu not closing when you chose a disguise
    • Fixed disguise menu having uneven padding (You're welcome)
  • Item labs
    • Lowered minimum price to 100
    • Raised maximum price to 10 million
    • They can now be frozen
  • Fixed shipments making every entity a weapon(lol?):
    • Fixes having to double press e on non weapons that come out of shipments
    • Fixes non weapons in your pocket being called "Weapon"
    • Fixes items like gun license coming out of shipments with no text on them
    • NOTE: Does not fix previously pocketed or spawned items (no one has noticed this in 5 years anyway no biggy)
  • Added genome presets
  • Massively reduced server downloads (You'll need to re-download some stuff)
  • Switched spin wheel and basic slots price
  • Fixed genome confirm notification when resist should be a negative percentage


Annnd that concludes todays unplanned update.

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Great update. The new scopes are crispy and my 357 is finally able to 1-tap instantly.

Some strange stuff happened too:

I bought some guns from the copshop after changing my genome and didn't recieve them but still lost money.

Prisoners know keep their perma knives.

Guns after changing genome aren't fully loaded.


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