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10/30/2018 - SSRP CW Update


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Update out in about an hour.

  • Added out of combat cooldown to loadout changing
  • Added /radio <message>
  • Added notfications to radio when a player joins or leaves the channel
  • Added radio UI to show who is in the radio channel with you
  • Added /gmtoggle <setting>
  • Added /ghost for gamemasters
  • Added confirmation to /gleave
  • Added HG Class
  • Added toggle for cross server chats
  • Fixed battalion promotion message
  • Fixed PK class having incorrect health and runspeed values
  • Fixed tooltip ui flickering and sticking to screen
  • Fixed Building Kit UI visual disappears "randomly" (?)
  • Fixed prop removal period working for non-gamemasters
  • Fixed toolgun spawned entites not cleaning up when player disconnects
  • Fixed all lore runspeeds
  • Fixed a bug where players will fail to load if their groupid no longer exists (now makes them a CT).
  • Fixed Linked lore cannot see model cosmetics
  • Fixed 9th trooper missing materials.
  • Fixed rare bug where cosmetics will sometimes apply the wrong cosmetic.
  • Fixed rare bug where the gm loader will load module configs in the wrong order.
  • Updated talent level bonuses
    • 4 HP per level reduced to 2 HP
    • Halved Armour per level.
  • Updated toolgun to be invisible in first/thirdperson
  • Updated GM chat to be more obvious when the chat is from another server
  • Updated knive skin prices
  • Updated fuel costs from 200 to 40
  • Removed /togglecomms, /togglebroadcast, /togglejetpack, /togglelrbroadcast
  • Removed Pikes from PK

For Halloween (reverted on the 1st):

  • Added Halloween Pumpkin Hat.
  • Added Halloween Skeleton player model. Thanks to @JeffChase
  • Added random shit around the ship
  • Fixed bucket.
  • Updated random ship breaking chances (faster/higher chance)
  • Updated fog (do not chance it admins/gms or u die)
  • Updated screenspace effects
  • Updated UI changes
  • Updated XP and RC gain by 20%

Something broke still? Read the trello! If it isn't listed then you can make a report here following this format and rules. You can also suggest things here and clicking the suggestions and guidlines at the top.

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