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01/02/2019 - CWRP Update


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  • Updated ssrp base to be in-line with MilRP changes.
  • Added 15 slot ARF classes to most battalions.
  • Does not include RP, Naval and RC.
  • Added GM tag under rank icons on the scoreboard.
  • Added ship training module to spawn area.
  • Added information to several buttons and HUD elements to try and help new players.
  • Added /viewgms command for GM list.
  • Adde hit sounds when hit by bullets.
  • Updated weapon switch category order.
  • Updated weapon base.
    • Shift+E+R to safety.
    • E+R to change firemodes (not including safety).
    • When aiming or thirdperson the ammo counter will display bottom center of screen instead.
  • Updated citations menu to a scroll menu.
  • Updated session booster to load over session more reliably.
  • Updated revive icon to show for everyone.
  • Updated all grenades to have unlimited ammo but with a cooldown.
  • Updated nameplates.
    • Colors for names.
    • Health percentage text.
    • Removed blackbackground.
    • Increased size.
  • Updated spawn position check order to hopefuly allow temp spawn locations.
  • Updated NPC relationship tool to work in a more obvious/useful way.
    • Reload on an NPC will now clear all future relations for that NPCs class with all other classes.
    • Right clicking will now update all future NPC and current NPC spawn status' with the selected clases.
    • Fixed UI not correctly updating the status of your targets.
    • Fixed toolmenu not showing the description correctly.
  • Fixed health display for ships.
  • Fixed /gforceinvite not saving class specified.
  • Fixed classes sometimes failing to save or load correctly.
  • Fixed several classes that did not have access to the training item in loadouts.
  • Fixed CR being able to apply damage to other players.
  • Fixed damage displaying twice on the death review screen.
  • Fixed weapon force being too high and fucking with NPCs.
  • Fixed WO having the promote/demote permission.
  • Fixed /setvoicerange not working sometimes.
  • Fixed /toggletranslate.
  • Fixed (?) PVS and Global radios for non-SA+Fixed scoreboard to enable event characters to see all players on the server
  • Fixed possible issues with the character creation/selection screen.
  • Fixed communication gms toggle.
  • Fixed issues with some chats being able to communicate while comms were down.
  • Fixed stores not restocking on server startup.
  • Fixed several exploits.
  • Removed grenade ammo

Another update in 2-4 days for the spawner and some npc models.

Most of the bugs reported in server are fixed on restart:

  • Can't heal others
  • Cosmetics floating
  • Phsygun being given to moderators (not useable anyway)
  • Librarian having clone health and models
  • Translating not working for 41st GC
  • Jedi group chat not defaulting to Jedi chat (using default group chat)


  • Winner 12
  • Artistic 1
  • Bad Spelling 1
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