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01/02/2019 - Update


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  • Rank Sync:
    • All your ranks are now synced to TeamSpeak at the same time no matter what server you sync on
    • Joining a server no longer changes your forum rank if you have a higher rank on another server
  • Admin TellAll:
    • Added sound
    • Added flashing red outline
    • Improved look
    • Raised time to 15 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where player data would fail to be created or updated


  • Added an animation for pocketing an item
  • Added an option to biometric tool to org own when you spawn them
  • Added gun license activation logs under Roleplay
  • Rules are now force opened when you get admin jailed
  • Removed snow until next year
  • Removed fireworks until the 4th
  • Item Lab taxes:
    • Changed tax to a flat 5%
    • Fixes an issue where taxes could make you actually pay money to sell an item
  • AdvDupe
    • Updated to the latest verion
    • Fixes dupes made elsewhere giving a version error
    • Fixes no constraints error when pasting a dupe that contains blacklisted props
    • Fixes tool getting bricked occasionally
  • Fixed pimp slap primary and secondary cooldown being set when you use either
  • Absolutely Critical Tweaks/Fixes:
    • Made flash notifications slide in (the popups that show when someone is arrested etc. Only cave men don't have slide in animations.)
    • Fixed a spelling error in chat announcements
    • Fixed anarchist having a space at the end of its name

(As always MilRP and CWRP will be updated when @Scott updates the gamemode itself)

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Nice update!

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