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02/08/2019 - MilitaryRP Update


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This update requires a data update. Make sure you have your downloads enabled in settings and that your Garry's Mod folder permissions are correctly set.

  • Added WAC Helicopters
  • Added Helipad operator NPC
    • Must be in the Pilot class for 101st or J-HQ to operate.
    • Costs 5k
    • Only one available at a time
  • Added GM commands from CWRP
  • Added Civilian VIP class
    • Currently has no real use
    • Will come with rocks and threat system at a later date
  • Added event character allegiance
    • Allows gamemasters to run gamemaster events on these characters
    • Must have /event enabled
  • Added a 4 days (1.5h) truce every 28 days (11h)
  • Added bounty System
    • /bounty <player> <price>
    • Must be 5k or greater
    • The bounty is not announced to the server. "Intel" is gained when you kill an enemy. When you get enough intel the bounty will be exposed and you can run /bountyinfo <steamid> on them.
    • Bounties can still be claimed before the announcement if you get lucky or someone leaks it to you.
  • Added crafting benches for refined metal and armour
  • Added suicide belt
    • Must be level 30.
    • Will appear in the loadouts menu for 20k when you reach level 30.
    • When equipped it will show that it is armed on the HUD. You can press F3 and click the HUD to explode or bind srp_suicidebelt
    • Has a chance to fail which means you must wait for the cooldown before trying again.
    • 600 damage over ~20 metres.
  • Added 3 more spawn hangars for each side
    • Renamed to a bay slot followed by A|B.
  • Updated models for T side
  • Updated death sequence to block revives when player is teamkilled
  • Updated raid mode to set enemies threat level to delta automatically
  • Updated MRAP speed (slower)
  • Updated MRAP to be immune to gun fire
  • Updated buttons to only be useable by SGT+ along with JHQ and THQ
  • Updated threat system to apply when you enter a capture point or when you revive or get revived (duration is super low)
  • Updated RPK accuracy and damage (decreased)
  • Updated M249 accuracy and damage (decreased)
  • Updated hangars to no longer show enemy vehicles
  • Removed NPC XP
  • Removed XP from receiving vehicle damage
  • Other fixes
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24 minutes ago, Death% said:

Meanwhile, Penguin makes an update announcement and restarts the server to add in ladders GG.
Can we take Scott to DRP and put Peng to work on MilRP?

literally drp is at it's prime if i do say so myself. milrp came out in december, only 2 months old. so, you should at least expect a lot of stuff coming out for milrp and not from drp(which doesn't really require anything else).

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