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03/13/2019 - SSRP Update


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This update requires content updates. Please restart your Garry's Mod if you are seeing errors and make sure your Garry's Mod folder permissions are correctly set to your user's account.

All clone model hitboxes have been updated with damage multiplication values. This means that some parts of the body will do more OR less damage. Aim for the head/chest!


I updated the trello with some cards tagged with [HOTFIX]. Please don't report these as bugs or suggestions. Thanks.


  • Added setnpcdamageupdate. Will set damage on all currently spawned npcs matching that class and anything after it
  • Added armoury points in the armoury room and near bunks
  • Added polling system
    • Allows me to ask questions live without restarts.
    • Able to get a better idea of what people want instead of relying on a small amount of players opinions
    • Visit the HR manager / Robot to see the polls.
  • Updated setnpcdamage to only work on npcs spawned after.
  • Updated jail permissions to moderator+
  • Fixed HUD sometimes giving errors on money exchange
  • Fixed battalion chat notifications not displaying the battalion name correctly
  • Fixed HUD commands and settings not hiding compass or saving correctly
  • Optimised character data netmessages
  • Optimised setnpcdamage
  • Removed the loadouts tab in the F4 menu


  • Added Media access to credit store
  • Added plain backpack cosmetic from the medpack to all clones
  • Added Jesse model
  • Added new 212th models
  • Added entity drop pods
    • Special fly-in and crashing/drilling effect was removed because of a last minute bug that might take recoding to fix. 😞
    • Part of the NPC spawner tool. Check "Drop Pod" checkbox and adjust the health.
    • Uncheck "Enabled" if you don't want it to spawn in the NPCs around it.
  • Added Alpha-17 model
  • Added Wolfpack model
  • Added room comms that only show to the people currenlt in the same region as you (displayed near compass)
  • Added polling station to HQ bot
  • Updated cloaking to disable when being shot at
  • Updated Barris's loadout
  • Updated ship base stats
    • Updated most ships to have at least 5k HP
    • Updated base damage on all ships to 180 from 75 damage
  • Updated all base health to 175 from 100
  • Fixed cloaking device not cloaking with player
  • Fixed B2 gun not spawning with Event characters
  • Fixed projectiles erroring when destination is not set correctly
  • Fixed speed indicator overlapping with increased cash display ui
  • Fixed defcons not removing on neutral levels correctly
  • Updated Westar and DE10 damage
  • Updated all clone hitboxes to be more consistant across battalions and added area grouping.
    • This means a headshot will do more damage and something like a toe shot should do less damage.
    • If this works nicely it means we will get some more indepth wounding and medical systems.
  • Removed 21st and their models.

Thanks 2 these ppl for models.

@JeffChase @Tobester


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I love how for every one of these updates, there's always those DarkRP mains who couldn't honestly care less about CWRP, so obviously trying to get their forum post count up. It's lowkey hilarious imo. Either way, nice update, drop pod entities will be hella cool to use, my main worry is whether or not it might cause a bit more lag than usual and in that case, how long until the GM community gets used to this and makes sure they don't kill the server with them.

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