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5/3/2019 - CWRP Update


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This update requires new content. Make sure you have enabled content downloading AND your Garry's Mod folder permissions are setup correctly (owned by your user).


  • Moved CWRP & MILRP to a unified system instead of copy pasting code smh
  • Updated Character Search
    • Display group or allegiance
    • Mark hidden/deactivated characters as Red
    • Only shows the 10 recently used characters
  • Updated Moneyboard
    • Stats
    • Faster
  • Added Killboard
  • Added Polls Page


  • Added Navy missing bluecoat
  • Added weapon ADS sensitivty slider
  • Added Trandoshan, Magna Guard and SBD NPCs and playermodels
  • Added 501st Republic AT cosmetic
  • Added /cleanupmyroom and /cleanuproom
    • For Admins and GMs
    • /cleanupmyroom will remove all props in a room that are owned by you.
    • /cleanuproom will remove ALL ENTITIES spawned by any player in that room.
  • Added Sovereign custom Jedi model
  • Added some ships suggested by Buzz
  • Added a viewmodel to revive weapon
  • Added anti-spam feature to chat for future show releases and other fuckboy protections
  • Added /gmtoggle cloaking
    • Disables the use of the cloaking device
  • Added stats to weapon tooltips
  • Added RP permissions to ATC buttons
  • Added back Jedi ship to hangars now that hangars got an overhaul
  • Added the ability for me to let classes also use their rank loadouts
  • Added screens to claimable areas that can display that its currently in use by a battalion or FFA + a custom message
  • Updated damage of the Wookiee weapon
  • Updated ARF class runspeed to 210
  • Updated navy cosmetic model costs from 30k to 20k
  • Updated Z6 damage
  • Updated stungun
    • Fixed viewmmodel and world model
    • Removed fail chance
    • Fixed lack of blaster effect
  • Updated /viewgms
  • Updated Admin+ and GM permissions to allow physgunning and toolgunning of props owned by disconnected players.
  • Updated interactions to use the delayed interaction functions
  • Updated 9th spawn so they dont spawn infront of the doorway
  • Updated area checking functions for building lib
  • Updated AT weapons to show crosshairs
  • Updated /setnpchealth and /setnpcdamage to check for their custom class before their base class (
  • Updated armoury point locations and nocollided to stop fucky collisions
    • End of MHB
    • Obseveration deck.
    • ERL
  • Updated  Level 40 Talent Perks
    • 187th & 212th
      • Increased fuel given when using the fuel can
    • CG
      • Increased run speed
    • RC
      • Armour Regeneration
      • Extra Armour
  • Updated Shield
    • Increase stun duration from 1 second to 3 seconds
    • Made it easier to place (experimental, may revert)
    • Can now be equipped on your back. (experimental, bind srp_pickup)
    • Can't knock over
    • Has HP
  • Updated oxygen
    • No longer required by event characters
    • No longer required by robots
    • No longer damages people in the sit room
  • Updated Astromechs
    • Removed footsteps
    • Added to battalions as a 4 slot class
    • These take on the passives of their battalions and are able to interact with the ship modules just as if they were a Clone.
  • Updated UIs
    • Changed some colour schemes
    • Updated tab panels to switch faster and feel more responsive
    • Updated Inventory and store UI to look cleaner
    • Updated Inventory and store UI to fit on 720p screens
    • Updated Agenda menu to work on 720p screens
    • Updated citations menu
  • Updated how api requests are loaded per gamemode (fixes some issues with mirlp loading CWRP apis)
  • Fixed large numbers in poll UI
  • Fixed announcements not showing in credits menu
  • Fixed 104WP spawning in the wrong area
  • Fixed notes not being duped correctly
  • Fixed defcon 6 showing all the time
  • Fixed stimkit missing viewmodel (Added by @JeffChase)
  • Fixed party hat missing materials
  • Fixed barlex model being set to the wrong lore model
  • Fixed ARC hitboxes
  • Fixed Walkers model
  • Fixed Krassz materials
  • Fixed dropdown menus sometimes failing to get focus (cant click the options)
  • Fixed health regen description being incorrectly labeled as every 10 seconds when it is 5 seconds
  • Fixed media player playing outside of the messhall and moved the menu location to make it easier to play shit
  • Fixed chatbox not working in death screen
  • Fixed /describe and /describeall not working when comms were disabled.
  • Removed combat cooldown on the loadout menu
  • Removed admin requirement for Slave One


Since we don't have a mapper I've been slowly editing the map and learning how to do more complicated things with the tools. I'm hoping to have something small soon and then I'll just update it on the server as I add new things. It's not ideal but I don't trust anyone with the content that is also good at mapping. There is a section on the Trello for it.

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I believe you forgot to add the orbiter emoji and ARC Rancor Extra Health to the server. More importantly where are the music kits you promised? 

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