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5/11/2019 - MilRP Update


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A continuation of the update deployed yesterday, which you can view here

  • Added /grequestpatrol
    • Requires you to be in a battalion.
    • Will assign your battalion to a random route (only for 4 each faction, more over time)
    • Walk into each point to trigger the next point
    • Receive XP and cash once you have went to every point
    • Starts at the gate
    • Anyone in the battalion can go into the point and everyone in the battalion gets rewards
  • Added new vehicles for T side
    • Tahoe
      • 1000 HP
      • 5 seats
      • 1000 LIRA
    • Ram
      • 1250 HP
      • 1500 LIRA
      • 9 Seats
  • Added AT and SUPPORT to EU battalion
  • Added AT class to SAS
  • Added a default weapon to the Civilian class
  • Updated XP to no longer be given if the damage dealt is less than 5
  • Updated SAS to have their own weapons for their classes.
  • Fixed several loadout issues
  • Fixed a bug where you were always revivable when killed
  • Fixed a bug where you could still be revived when killed by a headshot
  • Fixed "Drop Item" not allowing you to shift click on it
  • Fixed Scope alignment being fucked
  • Fixed M249 Missing Scope
  • Fixed /setsky
  • Fixed SAS models
  • Fixed weapon points floating slightly
  • Fixed gate modules not closing and opening the correct gates
  • Fixed ain not being on fastdl
  • Winner 4
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3 minutes ago, Mikey Williams said:

Barely any recoil + fast fire rate + Infinite Range = OP gun

You just quoted what mad the m16 dumb lol. The ak74 is the same as the mk18

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