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07/17/2019 - CWRP Update


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Some other shit will come over the weekend (like peoples custom characters). Was going to wait until the 19th but might as well add what I have with deployment day.

  • Added arrest readon "DB Violation" as a Sev 4
  • Added Online and sorting to battalion menu
  • Added back fixed reticle sigh
  • Added /location to CG and Admins to show the current location of the target
  • Added /gms agenda settable by HGMs
  • Added cosmetic loading to certain catagories
    • Weapons
    • Vehicles
    • Apparel
    • Sabers
  • Added custom spawn points
    • Everyone can spawn in the Training Room.
    • Jedi lores and attached Jedi can spawn in the temple.
  • Added salvaging to buildings
  • Added RC BB
  • Added new 501st models
  • Added Combat Droids to battalions (not sub battalions)
  • Added Consular, Sentinel & Guardian Master ranks
  • Added Master Saber Artisan to battalions
  • Added Warden, PK and EWS to Battalions
  • Added Shadow class to the Order
  • Added /toggle forcejump
  • Added Council to use any weapon from the loadout menu
  • Added armoury point to Temple
  • Added /notargetall - Notargets the whole server. Only works for Server!
  • Added multipart skin support
    • Added ARC-170 Razor skin @Tobestar
    • Added LAAT nose paints @Tobestar
  • Updated range of the claw attack
  • Updated fall animation to no longer play certain animations (was causing multiple issues)
  • Updated loadouts to only allow 1 primary and 1 secondary
  • Updated lightsaber throw
    • Better hit detection
    • Now flys towards crosshair instead of way below it
  • Updated Heavy Attacks to take 60 force power on release
  • Updated sabers to suppress uncloak so they can handle it themselves
    • Allows Shadow Strike to work for later
  • Updated Force Pull and Force Push
    • Both powers now nullify any velocity before pulling the target towards the player
    • Force Push
      • 10 second cooldown. Was 15.
      • 700 Range. Was 600.
    • Force Pull
      • 250 Range. Was 200.
      • 10 second cooldown. Was 15 .
  • Updated saber hit detection system
    • Should be way more reliable!
    • Reduced all damages by 50%
    • Set burn damage to 30
    • Optimised damage functions a heck ton
  • Updated ammo to be refunded upon disconnect
    • Will refund to the closet amount of ammo per default item stack
    • 600 pulse ammo will give 1 box
    • 750 will give 2 ammo boxes
    • 749 will give 1 ammo box
    • ETC
  • Updated /want and /unwant to show last known location fo the target.
  • Updated all AOE heals to ignore the player triggering the action
  • Updated claimable boards to show the person who last changed it and menu additions
    • Load last set claim type and description
    • Make UI wider to sort of match alignment with the board
    • Shows who changed the board last
    • Wraps text so it no longer goes off the screen.
    • Text limit increased
    • Removed animation when nothing is set. Will instead show the whole thing in green when unclaimed to make it easier to tell from a distance when you are able to go and claim it.
  • Updated srp_pickup command to /pickup or ssrp pickup
  • Updated several gamemasters /set* commands to accept multiple targets
    • /sethealth <number> <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...)
    • /setoxygen <number> <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...)
    • /setarmour <number> <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...)
    • /setscale <number> <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...)
    • /setrunspeed <number> <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...)
    • /setjumpheight <number> <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...)
    • /togglenames <target1> (<target2>, <target3>, ...) - Toggles them all on/off. It doesnt toggle their current settings.
  • Updated setoxygen to work for non-event characters when on Server 2
  • Updated /setspawn to /setbattalionspawn and added /setspawn as an alias to make things more obvious
  • Updated GM commands
    • setnpc commands unified
    • setnpcdamage supports all classes and subclasses (for example combine_s will set all droids damage, droid_training will only set that one etc)
    • setnpcdamageupdate supporst all classes and subclasses
    • resetnpcdamage - Only works on npcs spawned after.
    • resetnpchealth - Only works on npcs spawned after.
  • Updated GMS model menu
    • Left click to set model to self
    • Right click to copy to clipboard
    • Changed UI to 3d models
    • Added names to models if available
  • Updated rooms that do not require oxygen
    • Training Room
    • Sit Room
  • Updated some UI container elements
    • Added borders to all UI
    • Removed base padding to all UI
    • Updated loadout UI
  • Updated Lighting Coil to do 60 damage
  • Updated toolgun settings in c menu to not interfere with servers menu
  • Updated saber varients and their force powers
    • Pike forcepower loadout changed
    • Added Consular Pike
    • Updated Dual Master and Master sabers to remove Strike and Group Heal
  • Updated loadout menu to hide weapons from the order
  • Updated order class weapons to the loadout menu
  • Updated all sabers to be in slot 1
  • Updated saber crosshair to be a circle thing instead of that crosshair stuff
  • Fixed pickup being used on any other players pickupable items
  • Fixed Force Repulse not gradually increasing in power and doing no damage to NPCs
  • Fixed Life Support giving knockback damage
  • Remove 21st battalion references in database
    • Was causing some previous 21st characters being unable to join other battalions
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 Advanced issues found
54 minutes ago, Scott said:

Added Warden, PK and EWS to Battalions

Warden Eizen Here
with what's stated here PK and Warden are not in the battalion class menu I'm assuming u took them out of that?

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