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08/07/2019 - MilRP Update


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I will try and do mini-updates as soon as I have things done instead of waiting for everything. Yes. Updated on restart.

  • Updated srp_base to be inline with changes made in the CWRP update.
  • Added more Terrorst Ranks.
  • Added bandages to civilians
  • Added emotes from CW to MRP
  • Updated how recoil works again
    • Will now generally land where your crosshair is aiming.
    • Correctly adjusts to scope changes now.
    • Each weapon has minor horizontal kick as well. Carbines will all move right and AKs will move left very slightly.
  • Updated /attachment menu
  • Updated truce
    • Only activates when there are more than 50 people online
    • Decreased from 4 to 3 ingame days
    • Non-truce days increased to 80 ingame days from 60
    • Officers required to cancel reduced from 4 to 3
  • Updated GU to Grenadier Unit (I know they wanted a specific name but I'm not sure on it atm. Needs a db change anyway which I can't do while the server is up.)
  • Updated gate module to auto-repair when non repairmen are on / AFK
  • Fixed SAS CPT and MAJ being unable to set classes
  • Fixed multiple weapons missing parts in first person view
  • Fixed vehicles not blowing up on mines
  • Fixed being able to snipe impound
  • Fixed several issues with notifications and group messages
  • Winner 9
  • Friendly 1
  • Bad Spelling 1
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