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10/20/2019 - Update


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  • Tweaked chatbox text entry font
  • Fixed chatbox autofill text being lower than the actual text (this was pretty critical)


  • Karma system revamp stage 1 (See here what the complete update will be once we figure out what karma earn rates will be)
    • Removed the 100 karma limit
    • Removed the karma block for suicide
    • Removed karma based NPC kill rewards (This is only applicable for events on DarkRP; May merge ZRPs zombie kill rewards later)
    • Removed karma based dumpster drops
    • Suicide now takes 5 karma
    • You no longer lose karma for killing a hitman when you have an active hit
    • Note: Karma may be reset next update
  • Kombat:
    • Dying no longer blocks you from going police
    • Buy in amount is now randomized between 1k and 50k
  • Added a few new chat sounds:
    • Rise and shine Mr. Freeman
    • So wake up Mr. Freeman
    • The right man in the wrong place
  • Chatsounds now ignore periods and commas
  • Pushed the radio fix from last update to the rest of the servers
  • Raised advert price from $100 to $250
  • Made /go tell you the entity class
  • Third person no longer stops you from seeing through nocollided props
  • Knives are now located at the top of the BMI bar
  • When you are banned from a class it now tells you the time remaining and reason
  • Fixed zipties being usable in spawn
  • Fixed cinema owner sometimes spawning in the wall
  • Fixed non VIP players having playtime chat tags
  • Winner 15
  • Informative 1
  • Late 2
  • Bad Spelling 1
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