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6/13/2020 - Update


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  • Added orgs to SUP profiles
  • Added org profiles


  • Added tabs support to the chatbox
  • Re-coded rank sync for TeamSpeak
    • All you have to do is join, open a link and sign in if you haven't done it already
  • Fixed the typing animation sometimes being active when you're not typing


  • Added the Incendiary
    • Yes you will have to modify or re-do your bases
    • Costs the same as C4
    • Catches unfrozen props and players on fire (extinguish yourself with water)
    • Door stack rule has been removed for now, it may be re-added and adjusted later:
  • Added /sitwatcher (A+), /watcherban and /watcherunban (SA+).
  • Added/Improved a bunch of event commands for SA+
  • Re-did main Danktown spawns (fixes spawning in the wall most likely)
  • Fixed tase time being 5 seconds instead of 3


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So is it a free range on doors now, cuz ion feel like making dupes with like 6 props on a door just to have the rule put back. 

But other than that it’s now gonna be a game of who’s gonna take the risk to base...

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