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6/25/2020 - Update


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  • Fixed TeamSpeak reward


  • Kombat:
    • Added all normal weapons
    • Added C4 and Incendiary
    • Current weapon is now shown before you join
    • Start health is now 200
  • Police now gain karma for arresting people
    • 10 Karma
    • 2 minute cooldown
    • 10 minute cooldown for the same player
  • Added NPC kill/death logs
  • Added incendiary to Martinez
  • Police may battering ram biometrics/tolls/keypads
  • Raised prop limit for biometrics/tolls/buttons to 10
  • Admin keypad checker now runs /go for you
  • Decreased volume of the lockdown sound
  • Picture frames no longer render when faded as a fading door
  • Fixed incendiary logging that a C4 was placed
  • Fixed pocketed incendiary shipments displaying as empty when you rejoin the server
  • Fixed PD tunnel blocking you after you C4 it
  • Fixed riot shield and taser showing under the BMI tab as mayor
  • Fixed /go not showing the name if the item you're trying to get the owner of occasionally
  • Agree 2
  • Winner 12
  • Informative 3
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3 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:

Start health is now 200


3 hours ago, aStonedPenguin said:

Added C4 and Incendiary

Yeah ok what the fuck?

Nah for real this gonna be real fun and I like being able to see what weapon it is before I enter, nice!


And now I have even more reason to play cop lets fucking go

Edited by Oaken
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