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09/24/2020 - CWRP Update


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The rules page was updated with some changes to Civilians. You are able to play as a Civilian while on coruscant but you should only be playing as them if you are wanting to create roleplay experiences. You will still be punished if you break any other rule on the server and will be treated as an event character as far as punishment is concerned. You should not be spawning weapons in for Civilians if you are staff or a Gamemaster.

  • Added new deployment map. Deploying today.
    • CTs, Navy and Jedi spawn in the small docks.
    • Battalions spawn in small bunks area. 4 battalions share a bunk with another battalion. Not a bug.
  • Added /setmytag
    • Allows event characters to set their own tags.
  • Added rp_trashcan
    • Can scrounge for random items every 4 mintes per can.
    • Global cooldown
    • Can find.... parts. Maybe a weapon.
  • Added crafting in the furnace/engine type area
    • Allows civilians to craft 3 weapon types
  • Added Alcohol
  • Added capture points and capture UI for rp_coruscant
  • Added weapon parts
    • Barrel
    • Barrel Case
    • Weapon Frame
  • Added drug props/models
  • Updated baton to allow the arresting of Civilians
  • Updated stun guns so they can stun Civilians
  • Fixed food not removing from inventory on consume
  • Fixed some other things I can't remember
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On 9/23/2020 at 6:56 PM, Scott said:
  • Added drug props/models
On 9/23/2020 at 6:56 PM, Scott said:
  • Added alchohol

Sounds like a normal British night 


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On Restart:

  • Civilians show in scoreboard
  • Civilians can be healed by stim kits
  • Civilians are no longer no-targetted
  • Bartender droids added to the arena bar
  • Civilian and EC spawnpoints/respawns fixed
  • NPC Animations fixed (?)
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43 minutes ago, Ozbi said:

You mad lad you actually did it. 

 Bartender and drugs are actually added now.
Renco has foretold the future. He is the prophet. All hail Renco.

He was the golden CG, bring him back

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