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10/27/2020 - MilRP Update


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  • Added 4 seats to the R22 helicopter
  • Added PTE boards
  • Added Binoculars
    • Press +reload (R) to use them
    • Press +attack (Left Click) to mark a target while zoomed in
    • Press +attack2 (Right Click) to change zoom levels
    • Given as a loadout utility 1 option to all officers
  • Added Mortars
    • 3 in each base.
    • 3 can be spawned around an FOB
    • Requires crafted shells that you must drop, press e on to hold and push into the mortar
    • You can "sit" on the right side of t he mortar to align it.
    • To fire you must press your fire button while "in" the mortar or press E on the mortar
    • Officers can use the binos to mark targets that anyone in a mortar or holding the binos can see
  • Added craftable Mortar shells
  • Added ammo crafting for rifles, shotguns, snipers and sidearms
  • Added craftable Ghillie Suit
  • Added loadout box to the FOBs
  • Added M4A1 and AK74 to SAS loadouts
  • AddedAKM  and  M4A1 to EU  loadouts
  • Added XO rank to SAS
  • Added SGM rank to SAS
  • Updated SAS Model
  • Updated emplacement weapon to spawn Mortars
  • Updated emplacement weapon to spawn the bipod weapon
  • Updated /impound to work on all weapon emplacements
  • Updated red tracer rounds to spawn less dlights (should help FPS issues)
  • Fixed Sapper class not showing for 65th
  • Fixed misplaced ammo boxes for the NATO base
  • Winner 26
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