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11/19/2020 - CWRP Bug Pass 1


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Next restart

  • Added /commands command
  • Added "Pickup Shield" interaction to shield domes.
  • Updated Group add tag feature to use promotion permissions instead of high-officer permissions
  • Updated Character search to show more than 10 results
  • Updated health talents to now apply the battalion object with the highest health stat (class, rank, group etc)
  • Updated armour talents to now apply the battalion object with the highest armour stat (class, rank, group etc)
  • Updated both sniper rifles to have a 3.5 second ready time
  • Fixed a lore jedi being in Navy 😂
  • Fixed 187th Razor not having ARF equipment
  • Fixed several NPC weapons not working
  • Fixed advanced dupe duping props that are not owned by a gamemaster
  • Fixed 212th Boil using incorrect model
  • Fixed 501st Mixer using incorrect model
  • Fixed Naval Admiral Health stats
  • Fixed 104th level 40 perks
  • Fixed sprinting while running perk not loading correctly
  • Fixed Shield Generator exploding in the training room
  • Fixed Liberator Turrets
  • Fixed Flash Grenades
  • Fixed every Naval rank having access to tag settings
  • Fixed /room not working
  • Fixed Azure ship spawn perms
  • Fixed sprinting while running with dual weapons while you do not have the weapon sprint perk active
  • Fixed Shield Grenades falling through props
  • Fixed (possibly) prone de-syncing issues
  • Fixed renamed players with the #REP_ prefix from creating script errors in the F4 group menu and other issues with displaying characters
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