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12/20/2020 - CWRP Christmas Update 1


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Update will go live around 17:30 UTC and may be down for 5 minutes. It is recommended to RESTART your Garry's Mod and make sure you have FastDL enabled. If you need help with making sure downloads are enabled then click the link below


This Update

  • Added Christmas Map
  • Added cooldown timer UI to spawn points
  • Added Seasonal system to easily change between Xmas + Halloween decorations
  • Added DoNotDuplicate to Turret seats (and other possible fixes)
  • Added back default Sandbox Camera tool
  • Added an auto-kicker of 15w to all battalions but Jedi
  • Added snowballs to loadout
  • Added armoury point in moonpool area
  • Added hitmarker setting
  • Added mando NPCs to Q menu
  • Added GM commands
    • gmgoto - Go to an event character
    • gmtele - Teleport 1 or more event characters to where you are looking
    • gmreturn - Already a thing but mentioning it incase you forgot
  • Updated describe/describeall tabs to be more clear + chat tab
  • Updated Order spawns
  • Updated both snipers magazine size to 10
  • Updated Map
    • Temp change to DB room for xmas update
    • Updated Engine Room access door
    • Fixed brush issues with right side ramp in MHB
    • Fixed material issues inside of 1SR and 2SR
    • Fixed yellow textures on main doors
    • Fixed an issue with the ramp in Hangar A being offset incorrectly
    • Fixed an issue with alarm lights in bridges not being aligned to the walls correctly
  • Updated custom class models/fixes
  • Updated GMS UI
    • Fixed fog scrolling
    • General padding and margin tweaks
    • Updated tabs
  • Updated character search menu to show all characters
  • Updated F4 Menu UI
  • Updated Triumphs to show a completion message at the bottom of your screen
  • Updated NPC kills to only give Sand when there are 10+ players online
  • Updated 187th Stak to have ARF equipment and runspeed
  • Updated 187th Boomer to have ARF equipment and runspeed
  • Updated Jedi Spawn Points
  • Fixed dupetool duping non-player entities
  • Fixed dupetool not duping TGM entities
  • Fixed TGM permissions for containers
  • FIxed TGM permissions to see all GM objectives
  • Fixed /radio command not working
  • Fixed /gkick command not working all the time
  • Fixed collectables giving items to GMs who were in noclip or invisible
  • Fixed some stat issues on the loadouts menu
  • Fixed random events failing to finish because of EVENT.RemovePlayer checks

Additions leading to new years

  • ARC Class
  • Giftable cards
  • Present every day until new year
  • Fireworks of somesort aaaaa
  • /staffnews
  • Platform minigame

I am aware of an issue with lighting in the Temple.

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6 minutes ago, Lord Muffin King of Pastries said:

It was an honor being with the 501st but Im staying with my character and hoping 187th accepts Boomer with open arms.

welcome to the jet corps brother 

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