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04/20/2021 - Update


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  • Voice visualizers
    • Added org/battalion below name
    • Made more compact
    • Fixed getting stuck on your screen (probably)


  • Scoreboard:
    • Fixed macOS icons
    • Fixed occasional lua errors when blocking a player
  • Prostitute:
    • Removed pimp class
    • Added pimp hand
    • Made hirable
    • Health given and hunger taken are now based on hire price (1 per $50)
    • Fixed infinite moaning sound
  • Radio:
    • /channel now works with voice chat
    • /channel can now be used with no arguments to set your channel to nothing
  • Med Kit:
    • Can now be used to revive dead players
      • 1/4 speed of healing a player to full health
        • More than 1 person can revive at the same time to speed it up
      • Only 60 seconds after death
      • Revived player spawns with 5 health and 5 hunger
      • Can only be revived once per life
  • Added a new protester model
  • Backend efficiency improvements
  • Fixed strangler notification typos
  • Fixed printer fixers
  • Fixed C4 and incendiary not removing when the player their attached to dies
  • Winner 8
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