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07/16/2021 - CWRP Update Pt 2


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A lot of internal code with entities and GM Permissions have changed. Its likely that something is broke. Please DM me on Discord or the Forums with the details. "X is broke" is not detail. Thank you.

I am aware of the issues with patrols. They will be fixed over the weekend.

  • Added Perma Ammo
    • This will make sure you have at least 500 ammo each spawn.
  • Added more Knife skins
    • A lot added idk not gonna make you read them all
    • Good time for the spawning with knife fixes :^)
  • Added more colours to player beacons
  • Added Madolorian Pistol & Rifle
  • Added Outer Rim Garrison as a CG sub-battalion
  • Added back steam pfp to scoreboard
  • Added /describeroom
  • Added Naval level 40 perks
  • Added shared skin purchases for Dual variants of sidearms
  • Added 2 SA classes + Pyrn
  • Added Z6 to NPC list
    • They will use it but will have to hold it like an AR for them to fully auto it.
  • Added female variants of Naval ranks to cosmetics menu
    • Green, Grey, Red, Blue
  • Added new spawning/toolgun permission system read for GML
    • There may be some entities that are blacklisted. It will say "limit reached". Please DM me with what it says if you get this message and you don't think it was intended.
  • Added the ability to trade items at the trade terminal
    • There is a tax applied per sale that is not refunded if you cancel the sale
    • You can cancel the sales to get the remaining items back
    • You will be paid regardless of if youre online or not at the time
    • Trading chat for newly listed items. Might make this only show rare items in the future.
  • Added several order models
    • 5 for GMs
    • 3 for Jedi as an apparel cosmetic
  • Updated Fuel
    • /setfuel limit increased
    • Fuel is now global to your character. No more re-adding fuel.
    • Less fuel is burned per 2 seconds
  • Updated server weapon sounds
    • Fixed some issues with bitrates & global sounds (thanks Smashy)
    • Reduced volume and range of some loud weapons (mainly sidearms)
  • Updated changemap to ignore AFK gamemasters
  • Updated RC Medics. Removed medical slots and gave it to lore characters instead.
  • Updated Weapon base
    • Added toggle ADS to the settings menu
    • Added support for custom fire modes
    • Extend cosmetic skins so support dual variants
    • Support for per-weapon npc commands
      • Added /setnpcweapondamage <weapon_class> <damage>
      • Added /setnpcweaponburst <weapon_class> <min burst> <max burst>
      • Added /setnpcweaponspread <weapon_class> <spread>
      • Added /setnpcweaponcooldown
    • E-5 is now on the main weapon base
    • Bowcaster is now on the main weapon base
    • Fixed issues with se14c being errors/missing materials
  • Updated Bowcaster
    • Changing fire mode will let you shoot 3 rounds horizontally or verticle. It will take 3 rounds from your ammo pool
  • Updated Jetpack
    • Added jetpack simple stabalization while holding SHIFT + SPACE
    • Updated loadout slot
    • Can now give it fuel while its not enabled/equipped
    • Fixed being unable to spawn jetpack from Q menu
  • Updated C menu UI slightly
    • Added Triumphs button
    • Fixed Store menu button
  • Updated Labourer Talent
    • Renamed to Strength
    • Will give increased melee damage and let you pick up another crate at a later date
  • Updated Agility XP
    • Lets you run 15% faster at level 20 while holding a package
    • Reduced fall damage by 5% at level 10, 15% at level 20
  • Updated Pallets/Packages
    • Added a cooldown to pickup/drop (was added silently but never noted)
    • Added range check on pickup/drop
    • Moved dropoffs into ERL from ESR/CSR
    • Dropoffs now give you Agility and Strength XP
  • Updated Tracer impact effects to change colour depending on blaster colour
  • Updated Triumphs
    • Updated UI
    • Added 3 settings to disable/enable different Triumph notifications
    • Added triump objective progressiong popup
    • Added Triumph point tracking
    • Fixed headseeker triumph tracking
    • Added more triumphs
      • Stungun - Stun people 500/1000/10000 times
      • Duelist - Kill saber weilders 500/1000/10000 times
      • Airborne Kills - Kill players while in the air 500/1000/2500 times
      • Kill Droids - 500/1000/5000/10000/100000 times
      • Kill non Droids 500/1000/5000/10000/100000 times
      • Emote - Do an emote 1 time
      • Levels - Gain 50/100 levels in any tree
      • Teacher - Train 10/50/250 players
      • offworld - Join the server while its running in DDay mode 4 times
      • Masochist - die 500/1500 times
      • Builder - Build structures 100/500 times
      • Security - Secure 500/1500 devices
      • Hacking - Hack 500/1000/5000 bombs
      • Anti-Air - Destroy 100/500/1000 ships
      • Crafting - Craft 500/2000/5000/50000 items
      • Big Wins - Win 500k+ in gambling 10 times
      • Big Losses - Lose 200k+ in gambling 10 times
      • Weaponry - Equip a weapon module 1/5 times
      • Packages - Deliver 5/10/50/100/1000 packages
      • Patrols - Complete 1/10/100/500 patrols
    • Added support for multiple guns on weapon skin purchases
  • Fixed issues where having too many inventory items caused your items to not display in the inventory correctly
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs trying to use player stats when firing weapons
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs only firing one at a time. They will now use their weapons as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with PVS and Holograms
  • Fixed perma knives not loading correctly on change or reconnect
  • Fixed (possibly) room info displays on newly connected/lagging players
  • Fixed ability targetting ghosted players only
  • Fixed missing commando NPC and wrongly labelled NPCs
  • Fixed some talent descriptions
  • Fixed several issues with EC weapons and tracer effects
  • Fixed an issue with XP boost sometimes incorrectly showing on the HUD
  • Fixed being unable to /destory knives
  • Probably other shit I forgot to mention
  • Agree 2
  • Winner 17
  • Artistic 1
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23 minutes ago, Scott said:

Added Perma Ammo

  • This will make sure you have at least 500 ammo each spawn.


CTs gonna be wilding with this one.


Also Naval mains happy with the females 

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