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8/6/2021 - Update


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  • Chatbox:
    • Rounded all the things
    • Updated emotes UI
  • Chat tags:
    • No longer shows if emotes are disabled
    • Fixed longer chat tags cutting off and not showing
      • Note: You'll need to set your chat tag again if you selected one of these emotes
    • Fixed non existent chat tags showing text
  • Rounded voice boxes


  • HUD Overhaul:
    • Ground up re-coded
    • I could make the longest list known to man describing what's changed so here's the TLDR:
      • It's ROUNDED
      • All new icons
      • Performance improvements
      • Added FPS counter
        • Must be manually enabled in settings
      • Added clock
        • Must be manually enabled in settings
        • Uses whatever timezone your computer is set to
      • Added server time clock
        • Must be manually enabled in settings
        • Shows a fictional server time
      • Agenda, laws, warrants, hits, profits etc:
        • Dynamically sizes based on it's contents sizes in order to take up less screen space
        • If showing players (warrants, hits) the players model is now shown
      • Zombies now gets the DarkRP HUD
  • UI Overhaul Continued:
    • Rounded more things
    • Fixed RP relations not updating when selecting a new job
    • Biometrics:
      • Fixed copy settings to all button not showing
      • Fixed add/remove team panel
  • Scoreboard:
    • Swapped job and org name position
    • Fixed name strike through when a player is dead not being the same size as the name
    • Fixed mod/admin icon not showing
  • Fixed copying date in org audit logs
  • Updated gambling machines F4 icons to the new model
  • Winner 12
  • Dumb 1
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