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10/09/2021 - CWRP Update


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  • Added Droideka
    • Most of its defences come from the bubble shield.
    • Bubble shield only regenerates while rolling around
    • Fast shooting, high damage and medium accuracy droidek weapons
      • R (+reload) to go into rolling/standing mode
  • Enabled Halloween module
  • Added setting class to offline players
  • Added discord webhook system to Groups
  • High Officers can add Discord webhooks to each webhook event in the F4 menu.
  • Added timed restarts
    • A way for me to do countdowns and notifications that a restart is going to happen
  • Added optional custom reasons to Defcon
  • Added descriptions to some F4 settings
  • Added hyperspace logs
  • Added map change stats
  • Added turboblaster swep
  • Added Snow Droid B1 and Commando to hostile NPC list
  • Added Domination system
    • Spawn domination points
    • Add battalions and tickets that they lose while not holding the majority of points
  • Added GM Container unloading
  • Added Building Kit to utility slot 2
  • Added patrol leaderboard
  • Added setnpchealthupdate
  • Added some HL songs to the Arena
  • Added DarkRP invasion winner's badges
  • Added ragdoll system to NPCs
  • Added extra battalion logs
  • Added basic colour filters from DarkRP
  • Added Radio features
    • Added Room Radio for all GMs (Currently bugged, hotfixed later)
    • Added Youtube playlist importing
    • Imported looping and settings changes from DarkRPs radios
  • Additions/Updates to The Order
    • Added force push and pull to NPCs
    • Added Taunt emotes
    • Added Force multi-target support
    • Added crystal logs
    • Added force choke to the event saber
    • Added force cloak to the event saber
    • Added blade effects to specific crystals
    • Added cooldown icons to main force abilities
    • Added path lead links added to Navy battalion (LK, BM, EWS, old addition but never noted before)
    • Added the ability to set different crystals on your offhand weapon
    • Updated and re-enabled Force lightening (shock)
    • Increased slots of most linked to 5 form 3
    • Increased force pools by 50. 75 for Appr and Init
    • Increased deflect cone zone
    • Increased saber throw damage to 500 from 300
    • Increased Pike range
    • Fixed being unable to damage Nextbots
    • Removed SA from battalions
    • Updated run speeds to 225 from 210
    • Updated loadout to remove most weapons
    • Updated force selection UI
  • Updated Arena explosive platforms
    • No longer explodes its column and row
    • Now progessively explodes outwards a few platforms
  • Updated Arena music to use Media Volume settings slider
  • Updated scoreboard width for smaller resolutions
  • Updated several RC characters use medic items instead of medic classes
  • Updated 104th models
  • Updated revive location UI
  • Updated how drone PVS works
  • Updated objective commands, check /commands.
  • Updated cloak cooldown
  • Updated battalion logs to show in reverse order
  • Updated commands menu
    • Added searching
    • Added copying of commands
  • Updated GM props to be moveable by other GMs
    • You can toggle this in the settings or C menu
    • Also allows admins to only physgun their own times
  • Updated halloween fog to be a little lighter
  • Updated how resource pickups work
  • Fixed some minor issues with medic slot pool sharing
  • Fixed spread reducer module for shotguns
  • Fixed ammo issues
  • Fixed prediction issues with weapon FireBullet direction
  • Fixed Toggle Force Leap GMT
  • Fixed minor issues with the cosmetics menu
  • Fixed /gobjectiveremoveall command
  • Fixed character menu not auto-highlighting your last sessions character
  • Fixed an issue with selecting special characters as a non-VIP when you had the special characters pack purchased
  • Fixed bullet/collision issues with dropoff points
  • Fixed NPCs shooting interactive, none hostile NPCs
  • Fixed popcorn errors
  • Fixed several errors with players disconnecting while loading their character
  • Fixed scaling on NPCs when they have containers and manual scale adjustments
  • Fixed issues with emote loading
  • Fixed issues with not receiving money from another SSRP server while playing on the other
  • Fixed an issue with the arena using the same song and theme each time
  • Fixed an issue with dual weapon skins not updating live
  • Fixed an issue with 501st medic low slots and slot sharing
  • Improved some FPS issues in MHB with the halloween models
  • Winner 10
  • Zing 1
  • Friendly 1
  • Useful 1
  • Optimistic 1
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