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12/2/2021 - DarkRP Update


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  • Pocket:
    • Fixed "Delete All" still deleting all when you click no on the confirmation
    • Fixed UI showing items as removed when you can't afford an empty shipment
  • Chat Phrases:
    • Added an option to disable
    • Only play within sight of local chat
  • Riot Shield:
    • Instead of freezing people it now pushes your target back & does 10 damage
    • Lowered cooldown to 1 second
  • Anyone may now strangle prisoners
  • Fixed gunlabs being able to craft some BMIs
  • Fixed hitman death screen not always showing
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4 hours ago, Mr Goldfish said:

next make it so people can spawn in 4 printer racks so one people have like 100 printers they can spawn in racks to make server lag better





anyway cool update

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7 hours ago, Huro said:

damn is this a political statement?

It's political in that I will be a police officer just to open player's cell doors and murdering them with impunity while yelling "POLICE BRUTALITY!" as theyre strangled to death.

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