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7/1/2022 - DarkRP Update


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  • Graffiti:
    • Added more colors
    • Added a color palette
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixed loading saved graffiti sometimes bricking game
  • Citizen NPCs:
    • Added a deliveries leaderboard
    • Fixed package event
      • You've been refunded if you bought a broken package event
  • Kombat:
    • Fixed active weapon sometimes being set to fists
    • Fixed carried items not being force dropped
  • Added a phone booth to Danktown PD Lobby
  • Switching weapons now un-lights lit molotovs
  • Possibly fixed printer racks auto ejecting printers
  • Fixed store shelves not being arrestable with BMIs in some cases
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I wished this also fixed the medic revive issue.

Whenever you get revived, you can't drop weapons. (Staff can't force drop items to help fix it)

Whenever you are reviving a 0.1 second clip of healing keeps repeating. (Do snd_restart if you are experiencing audio issues)


Lovely update though!

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Thank you for ur grind and dedication

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