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2/14/2023 - Valentines Update


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All Servers:

Increased chatbox character limits:

  • Base limit: 126 characters
  • VIP: +50 characters
  • Staff: +100 characters



  • Fixed Discord rank sync bot not prompting you to sync



Added Emotes:

  • Thumbs Up
  • Thumbs Down
  • Blow Kiss (Must be unlocked)
  • More to come in future updates

spacer.png spacer.png

Improved Hitmarkers:

  • Added a critical hit marker for when your targets health is below 20
  • No longer shows when you're shooting penetrable props


Extended Spawn No Build Zones:

  • This change gaurentees there is always an available path out of spawn

Before & After:

CornflowerblueQuoll.jpg.7f66b35dc741f166 OvalAmericanwirehair.jpg.79814a8b543f340

SUP Is My Valentine Achievement:

  • Actively play for 4 hours consecutively before 2/21
  • Rewards the Blow Kiss emote

SUP Loves You More Pack:

  • Cost 2.5k Credits
  • May be purchased until February 21st
  • Gives:
    • Blow Kiss Emote
    • Bag of Love Mask
    • +10 Org Inventory Space
    • +5k Karma
    • +$25,000 RP Cash


  • Fixed being unable to deposit items in orgs without the withdraw permission




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  • aStonedPenguin changed the title to 2/14/2023 - Valentines Update
52 minutes ago, Laz said:

no prop limit? cringe

I don't think he wants people having hundreds of props. Gotta pay the big bucks if you really want em 





Nice update 

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